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5/29/99, Jerusalem, Israel

The tides are drifting away from Jerusalem, the evolution towards full Dolphin is pulling away from cities (even those claimed to be holy) and towards a far away Island, where I will be able to swim free and continue my quest without distraction. Aside from the miracle of building Son of Waves Studios and a self supporting internet presence- now 5 sites as well as a commercial business- 3 of the 4 missions since moving here Jan 97 have been accomplished, with God's help.

1. Set up a studio in Jerusalem with potential to save the planet, and communicate Double Mirrors. Studio is built, even if planet isn't quite saved.

2. A new alblum- The Doorway, with Jerusalem Techno.

3. Release of the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM (and soundtrack CD)

4. Find the Ethiopian Woman- this is still not completed.

I did bump into Sunitayahu back in Feb '97, but managed only a few sentences- to say she inspired me to move here, and that she is the most beautiful woman I have every seen. She smiled, but then vanished. Please God give me one more chance. But if not, with God;s help I will be able to see the same beauty I saw in Sunitayahu in the dolphins and beautiful spirits of future infinite journeys. Life is a dream- perhaps keeping one's own soul pure is the most to hope to accomplish. This is in fact may be my main mission. With God's help, the vision that has brought me this far will only grow in waves, exponentially stronger, with a future path leading ever closer to God/Love/Truth, free of all corrupting forces that would challenge this end.

  [Photographs of Ethiopian Women]

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Double Mirrors Soundtrack
24 tracks! ambient / electronica dolphin music. Available for free download
The Doorway
Ambient / techno SWS Album. 12 tracks highly acclaimed tracks.Available for free download
The Healing
SWS Album. 14 tracks. Available for free download
SWS Album.30 tracks. Available for free download
Ones and Zeros
SWS Album. Available for free download
2006 SWS album. 35 of the best tracks from 1996-2006. Available for free download.
SWS Album.13 tracks. Available for free download
Near Death Experience
2015 - album by SWS.
Available for free download.
Dolphin Trance
2015 album by SWS.
Inspired by dolphins.
Dolphin Trance 2
2016 album by SWS.
Trance music about dolphins.
Compilation 2
SWS Album. the best songs from 2006-2016.
Sounds from Space
2017 SWS album. 15 tracks.
With the vocals of Enlia and Francessca Belisario.
Sounds from Space 2
2021 album by Dylan Tauber. 14 tracks.
Ambient / Chill out from space.
He Loves Carmen
2022 album by Dylan Tauber.
Inspired by Dylan's girlfriend Carmen.

2018 - Double Mirrors picture book now for sale by 86 pages of photographs and digital art from the gallery, by Dylan Tauber. Order now - click image on left!

2018 - "Son of Waves" screenplay for free download. Original writing, photography, and digital art, about Son of Waves, 12 Dolphins to save the planet, David The Visionary on the beach in Tel Aviv, a digital messiah, and an internet of Love - click image on left!

2019 - "Theories". The Double Mirrors Theory, and Ones and Theory by Dylan Tauber. Free PDF download from Published October 25, 2019 with Apple Books - click image on left!

2019 - "Son of Waves 2.0". A true story, with original photography, of my journey around the planet, and to many Pacific islands...only to find my own soul, and a woman named Carmen. Free PDF download from - click image on left!

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