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This Double Mirror Daily is turning into a sort of daily- but I'm working on it *g*.

All is quite here in Jerusalem. In Virtual Jerusalem, (the idea, not the company) the energy is on hyperdrive. Cutting edge of the cyber-spiritual revolution, and I even got a new a ISP. Tracker, from Iceland says he wants to join JediNet, and agrees Bruce Lee is the man. 2 New Dolphin Lovers decided to share their stories in DolphinNet yesterday, a former Satmer yeshiva student at U of Penn e-mailed to tell me he was intrigued by my yeshiva story. If any of you out there live near my old yeshiva, do give Rabbi X a big hug for me! A bunch of people in the DM guestbook say they are Jedi like their father's before them, (Bur Betty 106 is not), the emperor has no clothes but just had a birthday, and I really need to wash my dishes.

The cyver-spiritual revolution is raging, but I still can't spell.


2/25/97 12:34 Jerusalem time.

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