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 It was while living in Jerusalem, the city of vision quests, where I was inspired by the life and vitality of the Israeli people. This was a stark contrast to the deadness I had witnessed in among the intellectuals, doctors, and lawyers of New York. In fact, my whole life was spent among Old Jews. I went to a yeshiva in Milwaukee, WI, whose goal was to discourage college and emulate an obscure 19th century Polish Yeshiva known as Slobadka. I dropped out and became Son of Waves while living in the land of The Ethiopian Woman, discovered Dolphin, Double Mirrors, and the spirit of the New Jew. For now, I wont elaborate about the path I have taken. Not that a personal search for truth and the lessons learned aren't significant, but all this is elaborated in my 456 page book, cd rom, and web site. For now, I will focus on what I perceive as the universal truths these life experiences made me realize.

Nowhere is the spiritual evolution more apparent to me than in the transition in Judaism from Old to New Jew. I could talk about the theoretical role of Double Mirrors in groups all day, but what better way to give my words meaning than by talking about an actual society which, by means of 4,000 years of human experience has become a macrocosm of every idea I am speaking of. What better way of understanding humanity than to first examine the people that represent the overdose of humanity (i.e.. self reflection)- the Jews.

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