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8/26/97, Jerusalem, present.

Bad news from home, yesterday. . . Gotta be strong. . Dr Weil helps out once again. . . this amid kiups and blazing techno music(hope my neighbors arent too upset. . they would understand if they knew I was trying to start a spiritual revolution in apartment #12) , and promises to rage on against the dying of the light -a Jedi's strength flows from the Force!.

I drove to Bear Sheva yesterday (got back at 3 AM), an Israeli town south of Jerusalem at the tip of the Negev desert, to see my Ethiopian friend Mula. Couldnt find him, but I hung out with a bunch of his buddies. We are planning on going swimming in tel aviv Friday. (Aug 29, a big day of potential infinite Love/Destruution). I said if they swim with me to Jaffa, they are my brothers. When I am like them, though, they will be my brothers unconditionally.

If you haven't noticied. . yeah its a new design in honor of Double Mirrors Daily #12, a special number around here!

As I approach Full Dolphin/Jedi I pray that will mirror this spiritual evolution. And that you will join me. See ya tomorow. ... .

(too much loose energy right now . . the idea is to harness all of it into 1's and 0's. . put my whole soul into digital format. CD ROM, whatver it takes. . but my soul flows free, sometimes typing just won't cut it- time to swith to #2 of the multimedia 3 prong attack, and chill with my XP-50 synthezier, a kickass demon destroyer.)

Dylan, Son of Waves

Summer of '94, Tel Aviv past.

I swam for a while, completely enveloped in the orgasmic joy of the moment. When I finally stopped to tread water and look around, I saw my father and brother swimming around fifty yards away. My father was signaling me to come back. I swam towards them.

"You shouldn't swim that far out by yourself," said my father. "The tide is going out and its dangerous." His voice sounded out of place to me next to the infinitely more comforting sound of the waves.

"The idea is to become one with the ocean," I said feeling the energy and happiness radiating from my eyes and voice. "And then there is no danger."

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