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10/1/97, Jerusalem, present.

Happy New Year everyone! Shanna Tova!

2 new years to reflect and start all over again. . what more could a guy ask for. ..

Jerusalem is so quite today, that the Fleetwood Mac music coming out of my steroe seems to be the only sound for miles. It ends, and I feel releived to no longer be breaking the silence. Its 3 in the afternoon, but it sounds like 3 am.

Welcome to the holy city, Dylan. . this aint no 14th st.

Holidays here are not merely a matter of belief- they are a reality. The air is saturated with energy, yet all remains calm and quite. A Jedi moves slowly, yet with Ki blasting. This is the somber entrance of the Jewish New year.

Last night on a weekly TV show, the Defense Minister is asked if there will be a war this year. I think of the Yom Kippur War, 24 years ago, when Syria attacked on Israel's holiest day (in 10 days).

News reports say Syria is preparing for War, although the politicians deny war is likely, and Iran will have nuclear missiles that can reach Israel by 1999.

So I'll take this moment to make a public prayer:

May God bless the universe with infinite waves of Peace, Love, and Light.

May people all over the world become united in spirit, and realize that, fundamentally, we are all the same. That life is short. That it is time to Love.

May Israel's 50th year be one of joy, and peace, and love. May God bless the people of Israel with the strength to make this prayer a reality.

The revolution has begun. May God send a Wave of Love so powerful, that all demons are washed off the face of our beautiful planet for eternity.

In honor of this new year, Israel's 50th, has added a 45 minute free MP3 download soundtrack.

Some ideas for the coming year:

  • -a daily audio journal- "live" synthesizer music. . this way adding music wont have to wait until I finally record a full track Im happy with. I'll just upload everything, streaming RealAudio, as is. Mistake will be part of the beauty. . just live and spontanious. "The revolution will not be televised- it will stream!"
  • -increase networking with other Jedi. If you haven't seen the Don Quixote Award page, please check it out.
  • -increased photography. Build on the Ethiopian gallery, and the Israel gallery
  • gradually upload more of my book.. . with God's help get a publishing deal soon (I still have only mailed Double Mirrors to only one agent, and she turned out to be a phoney) But things are going to pick up- new year, and my birthday on November 1 are good dates to shoot towards.
  • A slide show for the image gallery
  • Any ideas?
  • Most importantly, I must find the Ethiopian Woman.
  • Im probably going to go to Ashdod today to see my Ethiopian friends. If I could just get them online somehow! Their spiritual energy is enormous. .. but they don't have computers. . if I can be a dolphin, I will do my job and provide the link.

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