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 Welcome to Project Double Mirrors, Jerusalem, headquarters for the Cyber-Spiritual Revolution.

Greetings new guests. . . day 2 of the new DM daily! I wanted to share my new discovery with you- it is VERY cool- the cyber-spiritual revolution in full swing. I Hope they add me to their network of spiritual sites. If you have any cyber-spirit/Jedi/Dolphin sites u wanna share- please let us know!

On a less happy note:

I've been getting paranoid because several AOL people e-mailed me thanking for me for the link to DolphinNet. They enjoyed it so much they downloaded all the pics. OUCH!

Please do not download images from this site. So I spent the morning adding the DM logo and © sign to every image.

I know this sucks, but I cant think of a better idea.

Maybe someday, when we all evolve to Dolphin, we won't have to worry about people stealing our work, nor will our egos require logos and ©.



--Dylan, Son of Waves

2/12/97 3:14 PM Jerusalem time.

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