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Headquarters for the Cyber-Spiritual Revolution.

Greetings new guests. . . day 3 of the new DM daily! Anybody wanna contribute to this page? DM Daily is seeking contributing writers/poets/thoughts on being a Dolphin, being a Jedi, etc.

This is great- a page to babble on every day! Whee!

I want to point out to those who have been stuck in a trash compactor for the last week:

Stars Wars is back.

George Lucas has sounded the battle cry.

The triumphant return of the bible of our time has inspired me to create a new site called JediNet, a global network of Jedis. Jedis all over the world- Unite- The revolution is upon us!

By the way, DolphinNet, with 40 visitors per day is now rated #9 in the 1000 Web Story site, in the animal catagory. DM is in the religion catagory right next to the Florida Baptist Church at #7!

is that funny or what!


Dolphins ride the wave of laughter, and never take themselves too seriously.

--Dylan, Son of Waves

2/13/97 2:38 PM Jerusalem time.

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