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9/4/97, Jerusalem, present.

3 Bombs ripped through the center of Jerusalem today. Over 150 peaple injured 5 killed. This only a month after the last suicide bomber attack in Mahane yehuda, the market neaby.

A few minutes from where I live, suicide bombers, and body parts flying. One of the wounded was a tourist from the US, around my age. Israeli TV showed him in the hospitol with Prime Minister Bibi netanyahu by his side. Bibi pulls out his cell phone and asks the guy what his phone number at home is.

"Hi, Dad. . yes. . . Im in the hospitol. The Prime Minister is here," he hands the phone back to Netanyahu, who assures "Saul" that his Son will be OK.

The TV is full of images of images of the attack. One that will stay with me is the image of a crying 6 month year old baby, who was just yards away from the explosions.

Whenever an attack like this hits the city, the sense of communal pain is extreme. Political differences are put aside, and it is as if all of Jerusalem has suffered as one.

The TV and media only increase the hysteria, as the images are projected into every living room in the country. It is this effect which gives the terrororists their true potency. Now a closure has been placed on the territories once again.. . punish the Palestinians and increasing their national rage, adding to Hamas' arsenol. The cycle of violence continues, and only seems to be building off itself.


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