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Thank God summer is here. is currently undergoing renovation. . JediNet has been redone, and the JediNet mailing list has finally started. I plan on swimming with the Dolphins of the Red Sea as much as I can this summer, and hopefully do a lot more underwater photography work. I will post the results at DolphinNet and probably start a 3rd page of the Image gallery as well.

I'm open to any suggestions regarding additions to this site. now has unlimited space, so the canvas is infinite. The only limitation is bandwith and how fast I can work (or how many demons get in the way). My 80 mhz PowerMac 8100 (highly sooped with fully expanded sampler and 56 megs of RAM), though fastest available when I bought it nearly 3 years ago, is now dwarfed by new 300 mhz processors. No complaints here though- my R2 unit has gotten my through hell and beyon: it spit out a CD ROM, a music audio CD, a portfolio worth of digital prints, a book, Jerusalem techno (i just finished a couple of new trax with some kickass samples, including voice messages left by Kevin Mitnick. I will post it up to 303Net and JediNet as soon as I finish it), and oh yeah. . a web site (the closer I get to finishing my Project, the harder the challange is getting. When I finally put my whole life onto the 650 megs of a CD ROM, I had to start all over again ( was born on Nov 1 '96) using a tenth the space and the sloooooow motion of the web via 28.8 modem . . . sysyphus thought he had it rough!

For easier navigation through the more than 100 pages on, a site outline has recently been added.

Please e-mail me if you find any links that don't work or other bugs.

If any of you followed the Deap Blue/Kasporav match check out my essay recently added to the cyber-spirit site on the implications of the Deap Blue victory., including the 6 sub-directories, has now attracted 5,092 indivual hosts (distinct users) since 2/1/97.

But is anyone reading this?


5/15/97 5:09 pm Jerusalem time.

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