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---Archive of Double Mirrors Daily---


8/25/97, Jerusalem, present.

Ok, now this really is a daily. Don't laugh- I'm not kidding this time. But like the parallel mirrors of our minds, this interactive daily journal will bounce back between the past and the present, NYC and Jerusalem, Old Jew/New Jew, Turtle to Dolphin. Fasten your seatbelts, and please remain seated until I turn off the no smoking sign.


By the way Im having trouble deciding what font to use on this thing. Bouncing back between arial, geneva. . its nuts. . reminds of when I was designing the cover for the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM. I mean, if I really did find the meaning of life, isnt it nuts that Im spending so much time just deciding what font to use?!

Dylan, Son of Waves

2/6/96, NYC past.

I called Andrew again tonight. He's the guy I met a couple weeks ago. I met Janie, a stripper at Runway 69 (where I was looking for Sarah) and got her phone number. "Call me," she whispered in my ear as she left. When I did, it was a male voice on the other end.

"Can I speak to Janie please?" I asked.

"She's not here."

"can you tell me when she'll be in?"

"She's probably with Robert. Does this have to do with Robert?"

"Uh, no, but why don't I try her there, do you have his number off hand?"

"Well, what, you don't have it?"

"Not with me," I said, doing my best Eddie Murphy bullshit routine, not knowing why, "I mean I'd just as soon call him there and stop bothering you," I said.

"Why is it that My wife has to be running off with Robert. Aren't I enough for her? It really hurts when the woman you love is cheating on you," he said.

My conversation with Andrew lasted 2 hours. He's a really nice guy. An artist, and even more interesting, an herbalist. He listened to my concerns about dry mouth and left over side affects from the drugs. I told him I'm Neurotic Jesus. He laughed. He was interested in my ideas about the coming spiritual revolution and art vs. ego/ love vs. self destruction.

he recommended Chaparral to cleanse my blood. "try it man, it can even get rid of LSD that been in the blood fro 20 years!"

Licorice root to bring moisture to my body and add sweetness to the bitter chaparial.

He also recommended Ginkgo, an ancient herb taken by warriors before battle for bravery (too bad I didn't have that stuff before that Sunday with my family)

Eichanea, another blood cleanser

GotuKolu, for the mind, and to keep me from being neurotic. . .


I went to the GNC at the crne 14th and 1st, and bought all these, plus some Siberian Ginseng and some Valerian mixed with Hops to chill out and fall asleep. (I discovered Ginseng and Valerian over a year ago, and I'm very happy with both. The Korean tae Kwon Do master I met at Hebrew U taught me about Ginseng. Bruce Lee was a firm believer in the herb too.) If only I took more of these herbs instead of all those pilss. ..

[this journal entry feels good. I need to do this more, even though since the summer just about all my focus has gone towards the multimedia project.]

I had an intuition that a big transition would happen before 1/1/96.

It was late new years eve, but nothing had happened. But then, with 10 seconds left of 1995, I hit the button to create a projector out of the 9 multimedia movies in my project. That with the necessary sound files filled up a 200 megabyte syquest cartridge to capacity minutes after midnight. The production phase of the project had begun. The year of the Multimedia Project! is here. This is my Manhattan Project, and with God's help I will finish it soon.


The next transition is when I buy a CD ROM burner next week, for $1,300 cash. This should be the last major purchase before I publish the thing. The project is now almost exactly 650 megabytes, just waiting for a CD ROM. Once I get the burner, I can make a demo CD, and send it out to publishers/agents/etc.

The next weeks are crucial. It is appropriate that I finish this in February, the month of Tauber Demons, and the coldest month of the year. Fight the demon all the way back to its own cave. But the demon is cornered, and the tests are coming at me with no end. The recent Tiashia episode seems to be such a test. But I believe that passed it. We left with a hug, which is what I always told her- "no matter what happens, I want to make sure that when we say goodbye, we can still hug eachother and not leave with a bad taste in our mouths."

The African Violet is blooming new pink bulbs, and Tiashia, look of death and all is gone. All that remains is a filtered memory and a dolphin whisper, the sweetest taste of all.





I'm not feeling too well, but not having written in a while is bugging me- I keep on telling myself that the 3 things I need to do now are write, set up a web site, and try to get my work published.

As I feel this project getting closer to completion, things are getting crazier than ever. I've been busy working on other parts of the project, and its been hard to focus on the journal (in fact my typing seems even slower now, not having written in so long).

I'll sum up the 3 big dates in the production phase of the project.

1. It began midnight Dec 31, 1995.

2. My first CD version was recorded on valentines day, 2/14/1996, a day that would be holy were it not reserved only for couples, as I wrote in my e-mail to Denise (why can't Love be free?)

3. version 1.1 of the project as well as my first music CD were recorded on Feb. 18, G____'s birthday. . .

February is a depressing month, in which the T___ demon runs strong (like three or 4 weeks ago, the Museum of Modern Art fiasco)

[talk about the spiral. . . it all began at that same museum with a much smaller fiasco and ended up in Runway 69, 2 blocks away. That night I also ended up there and made 2 new stripper friends. True one introduced me to herbal medicine.]

And crazy things are happening. And doubts and fears are setting in. "Will I ever publish this thing?" "Will the side affects of D___ go away?" "Am I fucked up royally?"

But energy flows both ways, so it is fitting for this to be a big month for the project. has been growing rapidly,thank God, hits doubling every two months. Please help spread the word!

Do you want to hear more of my ramblings? Let me know!


---Archive of Double Mirrors (sort of) Daily---

Archive of Double Mirrors "Daily:"

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