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8/29/97, Jerusalem, present.

DoubleMirrors update #1 sent to many fellow Dolphins and Jedi:

Fellow Dolphins and Jedi:

Many of you are on this list because you have signed the DoubleMirrors guestbook. Others, I have stumbled into across my online wanderings. I do not belive it to be an accident that I am speaking to any of you.

I am also known as Crying Dolphin, and Im afraid I have some potentially sad? news:

For nearly a year I have been saying the world might be destroyed on Aug 29, 1997. Or at least NYC.

Today, after struggling with my cyborg condition and not getting an accurate eye glasses prescription for the 4th time in a row, I walked through the center of Jerusalem. . I was not confused. . things were making sense. . i listened to some kick ass dance music and looked into the eyes of several New Jews. The mirrors snapped into place, and while driving home it hit me:

[it is now early Friday morning (thursday night for many of you). . I wrote this on wendsday, but for some reason delayed sending it. .].

I often feel that my whole life is just a dream. So maybe Its not the world that will be destroyed on Friday-- its me.

I have been dreaming of swimming from the spot on the Tel Aviv beach known as the Dolphinarium to Jaffa, a nearby town.

2 Days ago, after receiving some bad news from home, I went down to Bear Sheva to see my Ethiopian friends. We planned to meet today at the dolphinarium to swim together to Jaffa.

I swam this distance last week (to a halfway point and back). I know that, by myself I can manage this swim. But panic can spread in groups. . and this is a recipe for disaster.

Can fate be changed? Will I drown today in this swim?

If I do. . this is the way to go. . in the sea, like a dolphin. It is among the waves where I have always been happiest. . .. and Son of Waves will never die, even if Dylan does. The journey will just continue. And its been one hell of a swim so far. . .

    I should not be sad. I have accomplished many of my goals.
    I have conquered the Tauber demon, and moved to Israel.
    I have found meaning in my religion, and done my best to expose the lies of Rabbinic Judaism.
    I have finished the manhattan CD ROM Project.
    I have done everything I can to comminicate Double Mirrors and the cyber-spiritual revolution.
    There is every potential for one of you to continue where I left off.
    I have found 12 DOlphins.
    I have danced with the New Jews of Tel Aviv, and the Ethiopians of Ashdod.
    I have comforted my mother in times of crises, even though the only mother that has loved me truly is the sea.
    I have swam with dolphins, and shared their beauty.

I have overcome the tendicies of Turtle, and gradually shared all I could from my mind and soul, harnessing the digital tools at my disposal, translating my head/spirit into 650 megabytes, sequenced music, and now, even HTML. The union of human spirit, Dolphin, and digital technology is a poweful combination that has infinite potential for spreading Light..

If I can send my book tomorow , it will be complete. True, I have not married the EThiopian Woman known as Suntayahu, but I did find her in Feburary. I looked into her eyes, and said she is the most beaitiful woman I had ever seen, and that I wrote a book devoted to her.

After finding the ultimate Truth of life (Double Mirrors) what truth is there left to discover other than the truth of one's death?

It all makes sense now. And strangely I do not feel shocked.

So tomorow, Im going to mail my book (including the Double Mirror theory) to a serious agent for the first time since the day before my move to Jerusalem (and that agent was a crook)

[update- I ended up NOT sending my book out yesterday, and I just called Mula, who said they cant make it to the swim in Tel Aviv. So things are looking much better. I think there was a possible tragic destiny today, but it seems to have been avoided, thank God.}


With God's help Friday will not be the end of Dylan, but the end of Turtle. The end of Spiritual Constipation. The birth of the New Dylan. A full Dolphin/Jedi.

Yes, in fact their are TWO destnies always. One of infinite Life, and one of Infinite death. These two forces are in eternal competition. Every moment, with every breath, every word, look, and movement, we help contribute to one or the other.


If im still here on Saturday (and you can visit the daily journal to find out), I promise you, I will do everything in my power to rage on "against the dying of the light", and start the revolution single handidly if I have to.

But I know that it will happen when all the Jedi, all the Dolphins, kiup as one. .. it is then that the revolution will be upon us.


God is great.


If any of you want to join me in the swim on Friday, at least in spirit and in prayer, I hope you do. . .

[Friday update- I think Im gonna cancel that swim and take a nap (am I rtetreating to Turtle? I hope not). .. I'll go to a club tonight and dance with New Jews instead of the waves this time. . life is good and I still have a lot of work to do!]


An infinite wave of Love will come if we let it.


The war is raging. . who will win- the demons or the Jedi struggling to spread the ideals of Life/Love/truth?


Only we will decide.


We will make this revolution happen.


I hope none of you are shocked in a negative way by my spiritual exhibitionism. The goal is here is only to spread waves of Love and Truth like the dolphin of my vision.

Rage on. . . and May the Force be with you!


"I found the meaning of Life. . . but I'm a slow typer."


Either we begin to Love, or we will destroy ourselves completely.

It's us or the cockroaches (the only ones who will survive a nuclear holocaust)


without God's help I'm nothing.

Dylan, Son of Waves

Jerusalem, 1997


Today, I will attempt to remain in the present.

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