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8/30/97, Jerusalem/Tel Aviv, present.

I made it! Swam from the Dolphinarium to Jaffa. Life is good. Shema Yisrael.

When I left my apratment, I knew that there was a good possibilty I would die that day. But with like the stoic Jedi Warrior who I am devoting to becoming, I realized that staying home all day hiding from my fate is not an option. Full Jedi's dont take naps.

Fuck yeah. . time a for a revolution.

.I looked at my computer/keyboards/synths and said: "I'll be back. We're not finished yet."

drove to tel Aviv (nearly two hours late, so I didnt meet the EThiopians. this might have saved my life). This was something I had to do- to prove that i was not scared of teh water even for one day.

I would jump in a swim for a couple of minutes and leave, i said to myself.

But the water was beautiful, and I dove down, listening, and all I head was SWIM!

So I did. And didnt stop to think until I reached Jaffa.

During the swim, I felt like I could swim forever. . it was a wonderful spiritual experince. .. For a long time I have said when I make this swim, I will be a Full Jedi. ANd it was like one single moment seperate from time. I only wish that I had a mermaid to swim with.

The only time I felt danger was when a couple of Jet skis wnet zooming by justa little too close.

For a few seconds, I was distracted by the sound of low flying helicopter overhead (the ISreali army/police helicopters patrol the coast/beaches. Several years ago terorrists tried to land on a norther Israeli beach)

The machines. . .

When I made it to Jaffa, it was like a memory from a place I had already been. I realized that the Fury was filmed there, and smiled.

On my first appraoch, it was a huge wall with arab fishermen on top. . . it didnt seem like any place I could "land." After swimming further down, I noticed 2 scuba divers jumoping down form a break in the stone incline. Two convenient footholds, and I made it. I was exhausted, and walked back to the dolphinarium, carrying my flippers and mirror goggles.

Its seems these days, that when I have moments of truth, I usually look up to see a very beautiful woman (israeli women are the most beautiful I have evry seen.) Wehn I sat down at a nearby beach, I was greeted with the sight of a woman who put the Swedish Bikini team to shame. .. she was enjoying showing off her body. . it was very funny. The dolphins were winking at me. I didnt talk to her though. . only so much I can do in one day, even if I am riding waves as Jedi/ Son of Waves/ Dolphin Boy.

Friday was a big day. Appropriately, Son of Waves Studios completed its first print sale via new online ordering. A woman from the philipines ordered Dolphin Vortex and 3D Scene.

Massive destruction didnt happen yesterday. (Although a haitan man was sexually abused by NYC police, and thousands marched in protest.) Sodom and gemorah.

Of greater long term concern in the monitoring effort on Man's simoltanious cyber-spiritual evolution/ plummet into cyborg hell:

Real Doll was announced yesterday (aug 29)

I have often thought that if Men could somehow reprodece, and their were no women/need for women, our self anihilation would be a short step away.

Suere enough, Aug 29, a new breakthrough in technology is announced- RealDoll, a revolution in sex toys. A virtual "plaything" made of heat retaining silicone, so real it is hard to distinuguish from a porno star in photographs on the $4000 toy's web site.

Technology has a potential to bring people together in a way we have never dreamed of, spreading love and spiritual energy.

But the negative ramifications are inifnitely powerful too. First the Atomb Bomb, then cloning, and now perhaps the first step towards the ultimate reason to stay home, forget about the Search for "The Ethiopian WOman", and fuck a 110 pound peice of evolution from the age of silicon breasts.

Now its time to finish watching Terminator II. . .

1/1/97 6:00 pm NYC Past.

" please God help me out of this cave known as NYC. . help me to get my essay/book/cd rom out there, and help me to get back to Jerusalem."

The year of the mulitmedia project is over. The year of the Aliyah, the 12 Dolphins, and The Ethiopian Woman has begun.

My one way flight to Tel Aviv is in 2 hours.

Im on my new powerbook 5300c, which I emptied my bank account to get. When you got to save the world better make sure you have the right computer.

So many miracles dont know where to start. . . as usuall, energy flows both ways though and NYC and the dentists got their last lick in. Four major fillings. . . drilled to deep, now my teeth hurt more than before.. . .

But the bright side is too good to be true-

I went home last wendsday and had the best visit ever. Said goodbye to my parents and drove them to the airport the next day. They are in Jerusalem now, and comming back tomorow. Our planes will actuallly pass over the atlantic.

Yesterday another miracle happened. I finnally sent one copy of this book to my first agent

The Spiritual Constipation is over. The demon's on the run. The Ice broken.

I can now send dozens of copies to every publisher/agent I can think of from jerusalem. I live near the post office there too. There is no reason why I cant do everything from there.

Its freezin outside. . . people hurry buy starin at the pavement. . . in jerusalem, my father said its 70 degrees.

God willing I will never have to suffer through another winter again.


the last 5 days in Boston:

drove up in dad's truck on wnedsdya with my stuff which ben brought down for me.

had a spiriual experience on the highway. . . beautiful moon. . . blatisn Etnix, trance music. . .

bonded with joel and hana. . love my sibs. . . got some awsome baby pictures- lerned more about myself. . . until now the earliest I had reached was me at 5. . . now Im reachin the next level in the video game known as life. . . so I have pictures with me- same expression- only a couple of years earlier, infinitely, closer to ultimate self knowledge.

I also found the baby picture- the first photograph of me taken, and I barely recognize myself. [I will scan it soon- VIS says I look like a little bald buddha]

I established an internet connection immediaitely. It was my families sloow computer. My father had two huge book casses lined up on opposite walles. . . parallel walls of books. . books on vikenstien, nietche, philosophy, God, metaphysics, insanity, african art. . evrythign you can imagine. It was scary. (I dont beleive in reading)

  • Got online and schmoozed with my hacker buddies
  • met some new free spirits., artist too.
  • Chatted with Melissa online
  • drove back sunday night got back around 10:30. Ben crashed at my place
  • last night - new years eve- I called Melissa, we had a great talk.
  • I love her. She was happy for me that I sent my book out.
  • Saif goodbye to various familie members. Saw Rabbi Twersky- I have a lot of respect for him. . and our conversation was deep . . it was like it already happened in a different life time.
  • Said goodbye to Dr Weil. He reminded me that I can always publish the book later- these things take time.
  • the 12 dolphins are comming along nicely. Forwarding my mail to two of them.
  • 1/2/97 11:26 pm Jerusalem time

    7:50, jan 1. final check complete. I had packed or shipped eveything in the 14th street one room studio apartment. I was all set. Gave all my cup of loose change and the cookies MOm mailed me to a homless woman taking refuge by the radietor downstairs. Tel Aviv car service comming in 10 minutes. And then the zipper breaks on one of my check in peices.

    And God helps me not panik. Borrow kitchen nife from people on stairs, not nervous. Doesnt work. Now what. Grab the packaging tape, and wrapped it up without the zipper. Ready to go. Door rings. Tell him to come back in 5 minutes.

    Im outa here!

    As the plane took off from JFK, I literally heard a voice telling me to go, we are with you. 12 Dolphin Angels escorting the plane off the runway?

    I sat next to a charedi on the pkane ride commin over here, but that's ok. He was cool.

    The flight was arriving on the 2nd at 4:30 pm. My parent's flight leaving Israel was in the morning of the same day. Actually, it turned out that my father was going to England for the weekend, my mother was going straight back to Boston.

    I figured out that the plane I was on, and the plane my mother was on, actually passed somewhere over the Atlantic. On my way to becoming Son of Waves, fully, my mother passes by over the backdrop of the ocean- my real mother- patiently waiting to comfort me.


    Im here. Jerusalem. Back in _ _ _ E. St. The new Double Mirrors headquaters. Thank God.

    Finished initial unpacking. Finaliszed shippign arangments. 800 pounds of gear is on the way. Meanwhile, Im diggin in with Ive got here: powerbook 5300c, XP-50 synth (my flagship), N-90 and peripherals, and Sea and Sea underwater camera.

    Im here to stay. I may be dented, and a little fucked, but whatever I can do Im ready. New Jew- Im at your service.

    Gotta go- time to start a revolution. But I think I'll hit the hay first.


    1/3/96 10:49 am


    Im in a different time zone- only seven hours forward, but decades ahead in my quest to reach the innocence and the womb of New Jew purity. Perhaps our minds are so sensitive that travellling east, and being just hours ahead of where you were can permently alter our spiirts. If I never go back, I have stayed 7 hours in the future. Infinitely forward in my evolution towards full Dolphin.

    [cool there is a new idea- here in Jerusalem, new ideas come easily. I said to rabbi twersky that Jews are very stubborn. But stuboorness goes both ways. I explained that I able to survive spiritually because I am very stubborn about spiritual experience. I can have one memnt of light, go back the cave and dwell on that moment indefinitly. Make a whole multimedia project in the darknees of my apaprtment on 14th st. Now Im writting about a moment that happened hours ago, but it is already parmemantly part of the inifite regression of my soul.

    [Id love to keep on writting, but I have to go fix my phone. I need it on so I can arrange for the 800 pounds of equipment that is waiting in NYC to get sent here. I hope I didnt blow the phone wire by conected the bad transformer to the answering machine. . oh well better that I make electric mistakes now with cheap equipment than with the mother ship on its way!]

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