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 Project Double Mirrors, Jerusalem.

Headquarters for the Cyber-Spiritual Revolution.

E-mail/IM byte:

I have a 400 page book and CD ROM project which is where 99% of the energy into Project Double Mirrors has gone. Ive a pulled a Bill Gates, and spun around 180 to focus on the web. Its a gamble- maybe I should be trying to publish my work in more traditional methods.

Im gonna put more of my writing on the site as I become more trusting of this medium.

Meanwhile- its all just fluff- building a stage for a main act that is still hiding behind the curtains. The Double Mirror theory, which is at most hinted to on the site, is HUGE.

Ltenergy: I forwarded your note to a couple of friends so that they can visit your site (with ease :) )

JeDiD303: it really is the meaning of life-- I wasnt kiddin- explains volumes about the human spirit, our relationship to eachother and god

JeDiD303: everything Im doing now is just so that when the DM theory is ready to be told, people will be there to hear it

JeDiD303: but ultimately, without this substance, everything else is just fluff- fancy techno tricks with no meaning

God sometimes hangs out in the most unusual places. It's normal for me to find Him among the waves of Tel Aviv, but the only waves last night were of the hardcore digital sound variety.

The Holy Spirit among fake smoke, pulsing green laser lights, and Israeli club kids dancing to techno/trance music? Why not. Last night's escapade into hard core Israeli New Jew dream land has prompted me to add some juice to 303Net, your source for the online Vibe.

--Dylan, Son of Waves

2/14/97 5:06 PM Jerusalem time.

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