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8/26/97, Jerusalem, present.

Rioting in Bethlehem, tensions run high. Fighting in the town where Jesus was born. World really is falling apart. On monday I was up at Mount Scopus, putting up signs advertising for Son of Waves Studios at Hebrew University, where I studied when I was 18. It is my favorite place in the city. . a holy mountain where prophets once walked. I think its the highest point in the city, which would explain a lot. My grandfather was offered a job at the hospitol on Mount Scopus, Hadassah, after WWII. Finding out that they offered the job to someone else upon arriving, he had a temper tantrum, and swore never to return to Israel. My feeling is that this fit of anger detsroyed a powerful destiny: my father should have been born in Jerusalem, instead of the US, and married an Ethiopian Woman. 50 years later, I move to Jerusalem on Jan 1, 1997. By doing so, I conquered a Tauber demon, a mistake of an earlier generation that had been handed down to my father and then to me.

We are not chained to our pasts-there is no demon that cannot be overcome. God will help us in our quest to become one with Love/Truth. God=Love=Truth.

Now, if I could just publish my book and find The Ethiopian Woman, my journey towards Full Jedi, and far from the dark side, will be complete!

Dylan, Son of Waves

Jerusalem, 1997

5/2/95 NYC past.

When late in my Columbia expereinced I was told to write a paper about how philosphers we had read in the course had dealt with explaining the human condition, the first thought that come to mind was actually my own thought on the matter. I sum up this body of thought with the phrase Double Mirrors, alluding to a metaphor I developed two years ago to explain man's spiritual experience as being rooted in self reflection. Here's the letter to the professor which I included in the preface:

Prof Lieber:
I apologize for the delay on this paper. Its nature, however, makes an "O.J. Up to the Minute" approach somewhat difficult. These ideas are the culmination of a vision quest- years of thought that very well might take even longer to communicate. This paper should be viewed as a summary of Double Mirrors, a result of the internal dialogue and self reflection that has kept me from both the "real world" and the present for the last two years. In no way should it be considered complete; I doubt I will be able to express my ideas fully in this forum. Nevertheless, I view this essay as a success and a major step forward; it provides a summary of the ideas that until now were explained only in the form of 390 pages of personal experiences, and two hard drives worth of computer images. The day I accomplish my goal of full communication of my ideas is the day I'm flying back to Tel Aviv and rejoining the waves of the Mediterranean and the New Jew. Israel, the land of the Ethiopian Woman, is, after all, the place where man has discovered the spiritual value of embracing the Present, the community, and nature. The Other. This group of spiritual scouts for humanity call themselves Israelis. I call them the New Jew. I hope someday we can all follow their example, fulfilling the prophecy that the Jews will be a light onto nations in a way that the author of these words never could have imagined.
I am extremely thankful to you for allowing me the flexibility to write about these ideas for your class. To those who would disagree with your approach: If a search for truth is out of place in this institution than it's promise of delivering an "education" is a crock of shit. You can read forever, but when all the dust settles, your still stuck in the cave. The Emperor you call Columbia is butt naked.

Dylan Tauber

Recently I have devoted my time to expressing this universal, all encompassing explanation for the human condition which I refer to as Double Mirrors. With no disrespect to Freud, Nietzsche, and the dozen or so other philosophers we have intellectualized this year, it is natural for my own spiritual ideas to enter my mind before any of their writings. Books and intellectualized ideas, after all, are as dead as the paper they are printed on. To merely intellectualize answers to the central questions of our course- metaphysics, morality and spiritual experience- is to reduce human experience to dead dogma.
Having this in mind, I am not sure if I am capable of expressing my Double Mirror theory in a way so as to retain its spiritual life even after its translation into the format of this essay. I fear the limitations inherent in its style, structure, and form, as well as the deficiencies in my writing ability, will prevent me from fully expressing Double Mirrors. There are an infinite number of possible approaches to communicating the Truths I have seen, and in a certain sense, because a copy is never the same as an original, they all will be somewhat lacking. All attempts of communication must begin with this realization. But this is not a valid reason to avoid the attempt. In fact, I am reaching a point where I must communicate these ideas. Even as I write this paper there are those who are working on a distortion and misrepresentation of Double Mirrors. It is my responsibility to ensure the accurate and true expression of this powerful metaphor. With God's help I will succeed. If do accomplish this goal, I believe I will have explained the spiritual significance behind all human behavior. When Double Mirrors is understood, all organized, rigid, prescribed institutions designed to lead the masses to God, are revealed to be nothing more than a shadow, a finger pointing to the moon. Rather than go into more detail on this thought for this essay, I will let a more accomplished Jedi of truth, Bruce Lee, sum up my ideas for me. Simply replace his reference to "martial arts" with the word "religion" or the name of any other institution that claims to function in the name of God.

Unfortunately, most students of the martial arts are conformists. Instead of learning to depend on themselves for expression, they blindly follow their instructors, no longer feeling alone, finding security in mass imitation. The product of this imitation is a dependent mind. Independent inquiry, which is essential to genuine understanding, is sacrificed, Look around the martial arts and witness the assortment of routine performers, trick artists, desensitized robots, glorifiers of the past and so on- all followers or exponents of organized despair.
How often are we told by different sensei (teachers) or "masters" that the martial arts are life itself? But how many of them truly understand what they are saying? Life is a constant movement- rhythmic as well as random; Life is a constant change and not stagnation. Instead of choicelessly following with this process of change, many of these "masters," past and present, have built an illusion of fixed forms, rigidly subscribing to traditional concepts and techniques of the art, solidifying the ever-flowing, dissecting the totality.
The most pitiful sight is to see sincere students earnestly repeating those imitative drills, listening to their own screams and spiritual yells. In most cases, the means these sensei offer their students are so elaborate that the student must give tremendous attention to them, until gradually he loses sight of the end. The students end up performing their methodical routines as a mere conditioned response, rather than responding to "what is." They no longer "listen" to circumstances. These poor souls have unwittingly become trapped in the miasma of classical martial arts training. A teacher, a really good sensei, is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that the student must discover for himself.

Bruce Lee
Enter Double Mirrors, Dolphin Stage left

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