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Each moment is a new entity. (Origin of the Universe part 2)

(Moment defined by the shortest interval of time possibly perceived by a given human). to slow time is to increase love. each sunrise, as Kant argued, is not a known truth, but an assumption we rely on. there are vast resources of infinite energy lying in the vacuum created by all human assumptions. So each moment (not defined by new years, Sabbath or midnight) is a new entity, a new world, where we can start new and free from spiritual decay.
Massive amounts of embedded energy (lost in assumption) in each moment are open to anyone (able to break free) for examination. Like the atomic energy inside of each atom.

Bob Dylan- every man is busy bein' born or busy dyin'.

The universe itself, while following elaborate laws of physics, is an illusion in its entirety.

So when making complete love to a woman, each moment can be holy. no way to know with certainty that this woman didn't suddenly and retroactively become beautiful as a result of the way you looked into her eyes, or the way she looked into yours, there is no time, and all assumptions are gone. .. no casualty. . maybe suddenly your penis grew large only because she dreamed it would. . . maybe you are not making love to her because the whole world is celebrating "Valentines day", but maybe the whole world is celebrating "Valentines day" because you 2 are making love! Or maybe you are only 2 people in universe. . .

So in language of spirit exchanges, all laws in universe , time, and space, do not exist.

A car races by, attempt to capture attention./droplets of awareness. . . but in that action there are many absurdities. . i slow time and wonder why he assumes he will continue going in a straight line towards end of block, etc. . makes his attack meaningless

Belief/prayer - construction of worlds in the language of spirit

Mother dolphin attacks baby dolphin to save it from attackers (who have already wounded the other calf), convinces it to run
maybe that is why my mother is in Jerusalem now?

All physical objects- donıt exist ­ they are matrix, but in fact exist as elements of X, Y and Z. objects can radiate love or need, and all objects are elements of embedded consciousness. So God is in rock and mountain as well. People strive to accumulate objects perceived as containing large amounts of love or the potential to produce love, not realizing that it is much more effective to strive directly for love/truth as a pure ideal which is the source for all these shadows.

Then we can shape reality as we see fit- by reverse hacking the matrix. Neo cannot die because I Love him, so retroactively it becomes true.

[This morning full of need, now suddenly two e-mails ­ one wants to help with NetSol (online groceries in Israel) billing error, (food being imagined into reality) and other about drivers license ready to ship. I could have fought on phone, but instead stayed in bed, became aware of the origins of the universe, and by reverse hacking the needs of the day had to be reduced by default.

God is Great.

We can envision and imagine a reality, and make it true.

Love - to endeavor to increase love in an other. when one applies this to self, this is what we call living. at the highest level, self and other become one.

Hatred/ jealousy - a desire/need for another to have a decrease in love/increase in need (small drops of murder- giving 0)
also ­ a non ­acceptance of the love or amount of love represented by that person or object.

Ego ­ consciousness not transferred to other (love or need) self consciousness/love . some amount is necessary or we would all commit suicide whenever artistically appropriate or live like martians. . in effect its not necessary, but unless all of humanity finds a way to collectively make it non necessary, some ego will be necessary to survive and create as a independently and free moving individual. (the alternative is to blend absolutely into the collective culture of modern society which is spiritually dead) Too much ego impedes love transfers, and makes the creation process an inherently dangerous one. So itıs a real problem. .. solution seems to be to recognize all energy as belonging not to society of humans, but to God. We are Godıs vessels, so ego is then made meaningless. "Without Godıs help Im nothing." Pray to God to know how to act, but still not affected by surrounding and often corrupted humans.

Doorway ­ the illusionary boundary we place between various spiritual exchanges.
Doorways are used to mark levels of accepted interaction. Minimal interaction with the other 6 billion in our homes, and on street maximum levels, or on tv or whatever.

Doorways, entrances and exists become important in "street spirituality / mythology" as a way to contemplate perceived destiny. Enter a room well, and all goes well, enter a country well ,etc

This is all based in sex, and in the in- out nature of our spirits, and the sexual language we comprehend as human animals manifested in spiritual terms.

The doorway itself is made to mimic the double mirrors it alludes to with the parallel doorposts
Revolving door or thin glass doorway in office (vs romantic arch in Paris with very thick gate posts) buildings perhaps attempt to minimize this phenomenon, make doorways less humanistic for better machine worker droid performance.

But egos are only in the same world by illusion. in reality we are only joined in the same world when we love. so hatred can only affect us in one way- by convincing us to self destruct

When we interact with the other worlds/people around us. .. then our life can be destroyed through any number of ways. . . people are masters at inspiring need, turning off your electricity, slapping you in the face, etc
this is done by convince that we are in fact not worthy of love. . our self image is reduced. The world, matrix we imagine and create/dream for ourselves is diminished. all negative action is in fact a result of this process. when no love, only self, no other, so the interaction, even the slap is an illusion. . . it could not have happened, unless you imagined that it should. . . they convince you that at this moment you deserve the slap based on factors they attempt to impose on you.
A powerful mind would know that this is not true, and the slap would never reach its target. like Neo placing each bullet on floor.

In a loving world hurting someone else also becomes self destructive (we are all sharing the same pool of love) since all humans have at least some 1, and we all share the same planet, and mix all of our energy every time we eat or flush the toilet, then hurting someone else is also hurting yourself. (so itıs a multi-leveled and mutual self destruction, whenever one human hurts another).

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