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3/26/21, Balls of light, with a mirror

We are not merely our bodies - when we die and move to the higher dimensions in the afterlife, we eventually lose all physical form, and we see our true nature - balls of light of consciousness, reflecting all that we encounter.
So our true essence is in fact a ball of light with a mirror behind it. All that we perceive is a reflection of ourselves. We are all mirrors. A loving person will perceive love in others. An angry, fearful person will perceive negativity in others.
To make our reality better, all we have to do is improve our own selves, and then our mirrors will be beautiful enough to only reflect good in the world around us. Be love and all you will perceive is love in the outside world. What you see is what you reflect.

In honor of my golden retriever Yuli, and my girlfriend Carmen.

Dylan Tauber

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