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6/21/16, A computer that can recognize Love

Humanity has one chance of survival: Build a computer that can recognize and measure love. Then reward people with resources based on how much love they create.

When scientists finally figure out how to quantitatively measure Love, then we can begin to move from a need / fear based society, to a society of Love. The internet will transform into a global Love measuring network. Each human will be rewarded for their output of Love / Awareness / and Truth. Those who produce the most love, awareness (new ideas), and truth will be rewarded with the most money. Those who take but do not give, will get much less. This means anyone who runs out of money simply becomes more loving, and then is rewarded.
This might not happen for a while, but I hope and pray it will happen soon.

Dylan Tauber

David The Visionary being hooked up to the internet of love.

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