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6/9/16, God's simulation- the multiverse

Another interesting question is, are we in a computer simulation?

I think my Ones and Zeros Theory answers it.

Basically, God = Love.

And He created a binary physical world that we live in.

It is similar to a computer program - bits of ones and zeros, but alive , and infinitely more sophisticated.

Instead of bits of data, everything in the physical world consists of unique combinations of 1 (Love) and 0 (lack of Love). Lack of Love can also be described as "Fear."

It's basically a computer language of Love.

That is the most sophisticated program possible.

A binary code speaking the language of Love.

Sophisticated but simple.

Created by God, the sum of all Love.

With multiple dimensions such as the Astral plane, and each higher level of "heaven," etc.

All with different frequencies of Love.

Our inanimate computer codes are primitive compared to God's binary language of Love.


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