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3/25/16, Unified Theories, by Dylan Tauber

Northern Israel.

I have had a realization which unifies my Double Mirrors Theory and Ones and Zeros Theory.

The common element in my Double Mirrors Theory and Ones and Zeros theory is Time.

We in fact have seven senses- time and space are also part of our sense perception. This is why we call it a "sense of time," and a "sense of space." Both time and space are an illusion. Without this illusion the physical world would not exist.

Time is the illusion which allows our vision of the infinite - Double Mirrors- to work. We see a peanut, then reflect on our perception of the peanut. This forms two parallel mirrors in our mind, which can be put another way - the mirror of the past and the mirror of the present. Time. These two mirrors provide us with a vision of the infinite, like standing between two parallel mirrors and seeing an infinite regression.

My Ones and Zeros theory is:

Consciousness= Love + (lack of Love). Or put differently, Love plus fear (fear is the opposite of love). This equation only exists in the physical world.

In the afterlife we experience only Love. Because there is no time!

It is time which creates the illusion of the Ones and Zeros equation in the physical world. So put more accurately:

Consciousness + Time = Love + (lack of Love)

Without the illusion of time (as in the afterlife), it would be:

Consciousness = Love = Truth

It is is the illusion of Time which provides the lie. Love is then sharing space with fear, which is an illusion, just as time is an illusion. It is time which makes us wonder "What will happen to me in the future?" (fear). And "why did this happen to me in the past?" (lack of love).

So the illusion of time creates fear out of some of our awareness. If we can focus on the present moment, which is the only thing that truly exists, then all fear cannot exist.

In short, the illusion of time creates all that we experience in the physical world, but paradoxically also allows our Double Mirrors to glimpse the infinite. It is through time which we suffer, and it is through time that we are able to glimpse God.

When we die, we move on to the afterlife where all becomes clear, we step out of the shadow of the physical world. We experience no time- only the present- and therefore we experience only love. We no longer require Double Mirrors to see the infinite- we understand that we are part of the infinite ourselves.

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