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Figured its time to finally start a mailing list for and

Stay tuned for some new developments in the very near future.

There was a big one of course not too long ago with a certain theory being uploaded ,thank God. . .

Still no Ethiopian Woman though...

Meanwhile SWS is keeping busy. . . back in Jerusalem after most of last year on various islands. .check out the 6 associated SWS sites if you haven't been by recently.

For those of you who live in cities, I don't know how you do it. . take it from a Jerusalem hermit (they're killin' me here)- an island has to be the way to go....

been thinking about a few things:

- digital prophets on islands
-the origin of the universe. . 13 billion years ago a big bang from something smaller than a grain of sand. . but what was going on outside of the shadows? I have a new theory about this, and hopefully it will not take 7 years to upload. But i got to get to a safe island first. Things are getting really scary in Jerusalem. - The Matrix- this movie is yet another prophecy to come out of the ironic womb of Hollywood...still what better way to get the message out. . no doubt in my mind that its accurate at least in principle ({Plato with a modem)- the entire world is an illusion ..choose to re-create the "matrix" as you see fit. . - A Stranger in a Strange Land- if you haven't read this book read it now. .. ( a raw and uncensored reaction after finishing the book- pardon my language)

- The replacement of Neanderthal man, around 30,000 years ago. . . a self aware species that roamed the earth ( not our ancestors according to gene research) and went extinct. .. replaced by a more evolved species.. . . are we next?

[just took out half a page about Israel, doorways, and neanderthals/cro magnum found in the holy land, but if anyone is interested let me know. I hopefully will add writing about all these topics soon to or other SWS sites]

-the holocaust of American Indians.. . a people of infinite spirit. . so that condos could be built in Miami Beach

So the only way to survive and remain true (1) in a world of non-truth (0) is to escape to a place where you are not being eaten by the system (or forced to eat others). . being able to communicate with complex language is what they say gave us the edge over neanderthal man, and the next evolution (from ego man to spirit man) will not supersede this. . . go to an island, but bring your laptop and satellite phone or whatever. I will be on island again soon, and intend on keeping focused in the future on uploading more uploading more of DoubleMirrors and a lot more theories and meanings of life, and also examining the possibilities of a whole network of cyber-spirit/dolphin/jedi hermits surviving in remote locations of the south pacific, etc, with dolphins, and affecting spiritual worlds from a safe distance.

- Dolphins communicating telepathically and working with Iberani Fishermen on the Sahara coast: (only some scanned jpg's for now from the National Geographic Special shown here in Jerusalem this past Friday night, but video and text will hopefully be arriving shortly)

and its been going on for at least 700 years with that tribe. . .other reports go back 2500 years

Feel free to opt out of this list if you don't want to hear future ramblings about any of these topics, or let me know if you do.

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