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Moses and Double Mirrors

I have found a striking hint to my Double Mirror Theory in the bible, while reading a copy in its orignal Hebrew a while back. When Moses ascends Mount Sinai, he has a face to face talk with God, and returns with two tablets- two slabs of rock. According to the bible these are engraved with the ten commandments.

Could this be just a coincidence or is there be meaning in the two tablets? According to Jewish tradition every nuance of the bible contains meaning and is analyzed. Is it not fitting for a man who has had a face to face talk with God on a desert mountain top to emerge with two parallel plates of rock? In my opinion this alludes to Double Mirrors. Our vision of God comes from the dual perception of past and present in our minds acting like two parallel mirrors, producing an image of the infinite. So the prophet Moses carries two plates of rock and a vision of immortal morality.

If the Bible does in fact hint to Double Mirrors, then for me this is a truly chilling thought.

It is surely no accident that the vision of Double Mirrors came to me in Jerusalem of all places, in 1993.

I have travelled all over the world swimming with dolphins and searching for the perfect island where I could be safe from this insane world, but my two most significant ideas came to me in Jerusalem.


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