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9/16/03 Bend Spoons

The only thing which exists is consciousness. So 6 billion humans, as well as every human who did exist and ever will exist, all are contributing to the present reality through dreaming, living, groking, and occasionally being pleasantly surprised to find the already bent spoon.

God is the sum of all consciousness. 1 + 0. Read the excerpts from my book "The Doorway" in some of the journal entries or here:

I appreciate all the positive feedback I have received on, these journal entries, my 3 music CDs, and CD ROM Project Double Mirrors.

Try telling my parents I'm really OK and to let me live my life. Live and let live apparently hasn't hit them yet.

And Im still a wired hermit, here in Brookline, MA where I grew up. Meanwhile check out
Which has been updated
for info on how to live as a wired hermit.


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