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6/13/03 new thoughts on 1 and 0

Had a few more thoughts about 1 and 0 - for the original theory which is much more coherent- see entry 2/13/00 "origin of the universe"

Perhaps 1 is all that is infinite and 0 is all that is not infinite. 0 is infinitely not infinite.

All matter is both 1 and 0 and therefore contains elements of the infinite.

When you die, possibly your physical matter is recycled into the earth and your infinite soul is recycled into the sum of all infinite, or God

Humans are unique because we are not only part infinite, but we can create as well as maintain a vision of the infinite through our self reflection. All other animals cannot see this way except chimps and dolphins.

The two planes of 1 and 0 constantly interact to create universes of matter, anti-matter, energy, anti-energy etc

0 becomes infinite through its endless interaction with 1. God becomes the sum of both

0 is not infinite, but all 1 creates 0, infinite energy creates non infinite 0 which in turn creates more 1, so the infinite 1 necessitates an infintie 0

Infinite planes of 1 and 0, and all matter and energy are created in between these planes with infinite combinations of 1 and 0

I also refer to 0 as "-love" , need, and attachment.

God is Great.


Photographic Map of the Universe by NASA

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