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1976, Brookline MA, age 2

While hanging on the bars to the jungle gym in the backyard. . .I would not let my mother take me down until finally when I could no longer hold on, and only then cried for help and allow my mother to lift me down.

1977 Brookline, age 3:

I find a photo in national geographic magazine of two Tahitian women by Paul Gauguin and bring the magazine to the kitchen where there was a postcard of a different painting of Tahitian women by the same artist. My
mother picks me up and twirls me around exclaiming how proud she is I made this association at such a young age.

Thank God, I survived the summer of 2001. Having moved out of the studio I built in the Jerusalem condo, am now back in Brookline where I grew up, recovering from the emotional ordeal (and hyper-manifestations) which was very traumatic. It was more than I could mentally absorb as the tension built on itself. There is danger of carrying too much information without expressing it to someone. This project is the expression of a silent journey of thirteen unbelievable years, from age 13-26. Thank God I have survived to tell my story.

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