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Saturday, 5/5/01

It is no accident God is Dog spelled backwards. These 2 are opposites. As humans we have the potential to evolve to either. Ever since March '00, when I was at a peak of awareness and on my path to become God like, the dogs have been on the attack. A strong spirit full of infinite potential is what non creating animals fear most- this is why children are targets as well. And my goal of becoming an ISDI - independently survivable digital infant doesn't carry over very well in the international need machine which eats potential and purity as an appetizer with an endless appetite for more.The casualties included my original prophecy keyboard. I was living in a tent on the very outskirts of the island, working on my book and Groking, close to dolphins, with little but a tent and a jeep, miles from anyone or even a road, but this was still too close in association to many of the demons I have been writing about for years. And my mistake was self doubt and fear, and not trusting my own words to the fullest extent- the world is simply too dangerous for a guy like me. My dreaming was disrupted in March of '00, and I panicked. . . instead of taking a small drive to the nearest place of quite I ended up travelling all around the world seeking peace, love, dolphins, and a place where I could continue to grok and grow spiritually without distractions or attacks.
A few thoughts:
Creation = Love
To be created = to create.
What we create / love creates us as much as we create it. There is no time or cause and effect on this level of reality. Be like a child, a dreamer, and live in the dimension of dreams. . where we create our own realities. . the more we do so, the more others will try to force us into their "real" worlds, but those worlds are illusions they are trapped in and victims of. . be free and realize there is no reality, only dreams. Adults create masks for themselves. . I chose not to, and they tried to impose a mask on me. . just like all other physical objects are painted in a dog like territorial fashion. . . with signs of attachment. . . this is why I do not like to be seen, and why travel has been so traumatic for me. . . with God's help I will heal and be dolphin like and free nevertheless. ..
A book release is still in progress but the delay is in part due to all the attacks. . .
I have now thank God nearly completed a very long journey of many years. . . and have learned many lessons in the process. About the extent we can create our own realities, what is beauty and how easily it can be created or destroyed, and the importance and vulnerabilities of a home.
Swam with dolphins in Florida, Israel, Costa Rica, Island, camped and kayaked out in the wilderness for a total of a month, and on some dream like turquoise beaches and swims beyond description.
But it is not all good news. My family has been harassing me, and the ultimate of gatekeepers, my parents have turned into my worst nightmare. In my long quest to become Son of Waves, it seems this was some how a threat to my physical parents, and I have now sadly had to distance myself from them as much as possible.
Consequently the studio I built in Jerusalem is now in disarray, and after 3 years of seeking an alternative studio to Jerusalem, with God's help this journey will be completed soon.
And after 2 important short swims, I have also had a glimpse of dolphins once again.
But the dogs are out, and Im praying and hoping for a few more miracles before this long path is complete.
Emotional help from sympathetic readers out there goes a long way. I appreciate all the positive feedback I have been getting by e-mail and on the guestbook - thank you.
The CD ROM is temporarily out of stock, but should be shipping again soon. Stay tuned for the paperback and please forgive the delay. . .

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