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Friday, 11/17 - immortal 808

Robert Heinlein wrote a book called the First Immortal, a science fiction novel in which a genetically elite class of long living humans is persecuted because they are perceived as containing the secret of immortality. The rest of the human race is too jealous and angry to ever allow the existence of an immortal in their midst. Perhaps this is why adults are so foolishly and absurdly destuctive to eachother. Ideally, we would all be like dolphins, and be able to walk around in the street naked, loving freely, or just acting the same as you would in your living room at 2 AM in pajamas... why is this so impossible? because as humans we tend to become immortal at moments. . . countless micro moments that are usually not even noticed- all of us (some more than others). It is at these moments when we are most powerful (if not in kenetic than in potential), but also the most popular targets.
humans rage from God like to Dog like, and one pair of dog eyes can interupt the deepest trance blue light reverie (maybe this is why clubs have bouncers, and why Im now stockin up on hermit supplies and firepower?)
I hope to create, record more music, finish my book editing for the upcomming paperback release, and constantly build on the SWS network, but my immediate problem is always finding the most remote location where "non filtered" humans are as far away as possible so as to minimize dissonance and the grey mush that resuslts even as I try to create a parallel and removed world of 1 and 0.
Israel, the world I experienced at 18 (92, kibbutz northern Israel, tel aviv, jerusalem, eilat dolphins), with pure, under 21, free loving New Jews, ( the Ethiopian Jews on the extreme) , and the idealized world of a techno/trance/rave club with kids dancin to the same 808 boom boom boom , are the only exceptions to this sad reality I have so far seen.

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