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Friday, 11/3, hermit solitude Groking session #010101011101110 : How to Become a Digital Prophet.

I am no prophet, but I have seen the future. And I have seen some incredible things. And I think I have seen enough points in this path to extrapolate how complete digital prophecy can be attained by anyone who is willing to follow a few simple steps. I am not telling anyone how to live life, or what specific moral choices to make- Im just laying out some universal basic truths which will apply to all of humanity at this digital age. You can take the red pill or the blue pill, but anyone who follows these steps will eventually see infinite truth, given enough time and space. I see a corrupt, sick, dog like world around me, and am only able to continue this path further as a complete hermit. I urge others to do so as well and not to ignore our basic obligation as humans- to create. To add to the infinite universe by transcending the physical shadows around us. . by creating new universes, bending spoons, and ultimately adding to God, in a manner which is appropriately respectful to remain true to this process. To create explosions, mini big bangs that send the chaotic matter around us back to where they come - to opposite planes of total light (1) and total dark/0 (anti-matter). Back to before time, and to the origin of the universe. We become God as we create this purity.

Not like Openheimer with a red button and bomb, but with the only tool necessary to do this job correctly- a pure and loving human soul.

Dylan, Son of Waves, 11/3/00
Levitte, Digital Dolphin, Jedi , Meaning of Life theorizer, Neo-Prophet, Cyber Creator, Spoon Bender, employee of (replacement part time typist) , SWS CEO, Jerusalem Techno DJ, Wired Hermit, Ethiopian Woman photographer, Island Exploror,1 and 0 yin yang yahoo, still lookin for his motherboard, but will upload with the help of SWS multimedia studio, waves of love/truth, and 36 dolphins, nonetheless.


You can judge your progress when you start saying and writing things months and years before they happen.

Start by seeing the signs of things moments before they happen - the eyes of someone before they do or say X or Y, the doorway before it is entered, the runway before the plane takes off. . these spaces of potential become good training ground to understand the invisible universe of potential and non-time.

My own spiritual condition:

Double Mirrors years maybe centuries before this is understood and taken for granted by all, and at same time millenium afterwards.
awareness of "origin of Universe" is/was 10 months ahead of the cutting edge of quantum physics.

Insights were also made before the following events


Deep blue beats kasporov - I wrote of the cyber spirit overcoming human mind in Jan of 97, months before this even
divroce of parents/evolution to son of waves - year before
universe vacuum - 10 months before hand

And many others


12 dolphins - years before 12 monkeys
shadows in cave - years before the move The Matrix
barak becoming prime minister of Israel- 1989 during gulf war

It's nov 3 and im not dead (was considering the possablity that I would die on 11/1, but on this level, birth and death or synomous- we choose one or the other in every moment), and have uploaded book, and publisher confrimed- meaning there is some new spiritual stage here. . . perhaps a cyber BenGalim on steroids, wired hermit to avoid all distractions (it's not a very efficient system if I have to shove my way and battle through all the dissonance in supermarkets- when I can stay home and bake my own bread in purity) Each day I strive to figure out how to get even further offgrid, while still being able to communicate, how to further expand the SWS Network, and communicate the vision of truth I have seen to the best of my ability, while remaining an Indepentendly Surivivable Digital Infant.

Strategy to maintain maximum awareness:

- Retain maximum purity . . . less contact the better. no contact is best.
- Make all life mirror the 1 and 0 makeup of the universe. . . simplify and consolidate the 2 SW Studios - Jerusalem and Island.
- Upload and communicate maximum awareness to others. . . this will generate more awareness. this is just like how insights come during conversations when share awareness. This is why God wants me to communicate my vision. By spreading awareness we inevitably spread and increase love. This is the entire engine behind Son of Waves Studios- the more awareness I grok, the more income is generated by default. The more this awareness is communicated, the more SWS grows as a result. The product is creativity - love/truth to the best of my ability (as is the only significant product of all humans) and all need is diminished by default, i.e, SWS Jerusalem and Island become fully stocked with new equipment to facilitate these goals, as if these were groked into thin air.

Perhaps I will start dolphin training camps on remote island beaches, . . . where pods of humans are acheiving this same model on a massive level. . . we would easily become massivlely grokable. JediNet 2.0 ? . . . who knows. .. with God's help the plan is slowly unfolding.

Uploaded Double Mirror theory. .. this combined with total isalotion and jerusalem purity led to a flux of potential. . resulting in awarenss of the Origin of the Universe.

Important thing is not that I found the meaning of life . . . the important thing is HOW I found the meaning of life.

With nothing but what any regular guy out there has at his disposal. . read my book. . . go visit . . realize that the process is actually very simple. . . you can allow God to flow through you. . allow awareness to flow through you. . . . not with some new age meditative jibberish, but with clear, rational, digitizable steps anyone could theoretically follow. As you progress it gets tough. . you are walking around a bad neighborhood carrying a suitcase full of diamonds. . . as the meaning of life lays itself before you. . . and the forces of need will attack you like a sex starved rhino with rabies thinking you got the cure, but if you can avoid this, you can become a cyber guru.

It's all a process that can be created with nothing but the following ingredients:

Each can grow without limit, and cost tens of thousands of dollars, but to begin with, here is the minimalist and ultra portable approach to a full scale multimedia digitization of spirit. (see

Or more music tools visit

for more hermit/outdoor/island tools and info visit

Digitize moments of truth, and become a wired hermit, with these tools. . . then upload. . .this will produce energy which will build off itself. . allowing the obtaining of any further tools you wish.. . . of course the model will only work efficiently in a "vacuum" (without anyone to take away/corrupt the energy before you even know it has been born). Which is being a wiredhermit is so crucial to the process. Otherwise we are back to square 1, which is the same scenerio of the last 4000 years, and then, with all the obstacles, we get maybe 1 prophet every generation.

If you want to start for free:
try your local library

Your life becomes the canvas. . every moment becomes an element of the process. . . . each item you add to your collection of tools, itself a piece in the digital montage.

Take a moment of truth, then copy and past.


Interesting notes on family background:

Great grandfather - killed in World War 1
Grandfather - Levite, survived holocaust, currently owns hospital in DC, and operates as a surgeon still.
Grandfather - Levite, worked in the lab as a physicist which later developed digital imaging for the air force.
Grandmother -
Great uncle - was a navigator in a B-29 during WWII. . . flew as an accompanying bomber on the mission that dropped A Bomb over Japan. . he was flying far away in a decoy, but saw the blast out his window. was shot down over the pacific and was rescued earlier in war
mother -levite neurotic jewish mother, obsessive cleaning
father - levite doctor, hematology researcher turned proffessor of philosophy
Brother - sculpture, does sculpture inspired by doves
Brother - younger - grad student in urban planning
Sister - Sophomor at Brown University
Aunt- president of reform holocaust memorial in San Fransisco.
Distant Russian relatives- moved to Israel shortly before Gulf War (late 80s) with massive Russian Aliyah then.

So this makes me a Double Levvite, with an American Jewish family who has little ties to Israel, but with a deep connection to the world of Judaism and humanity nonetheless.

Israel/Judaism is a spiritual baromoter for the world, my very senstive family is a spiritual baramoter of Judaism/Israel. I am a barameter of my family, more hypersensitive now than I can describe.

i see things before they happen. feel people miles away. . . or across oceans

My room was desecrated shortly before rosh hashana 2000. days later ariel sharon walked on to the Temple Mount and visited Al Aksa, and intiidah 2000 began, with moselms sure that there temple was desecrated. 170 people have since been killed. this torments me

Pipe bomb blew up under a jeep near the Jerusalem Theatre right down from the studio I built in Jerusalem.
shots on southern Jerusalem neighborhood right outside my window. . .

I knew who it is when phone rings (*Don't answer the phone anymore)


Jerusalem is full of spiritual energy. . but due to not everyone being loving there, this energy has been transformed into the greatest attachment levels on any single place in the universe. . . and there still is love there too. . but there is too much energy to be handled responsibly be the vast numbers of people who carry on supposingly legitimate modern life there daily.
so fighting and explosions of violence erupt.

Because i have a studio there. . in the middle of this. . . down the street from the President's house, and overlooking the silicon valley of Jerusalem. . even not being there, i am still there. . just as leaving my keyboard in storage here on the island, was so traumatic for me. . . energy exists in objects, and my keyboard. . the single object containing more of my love than any other single object (the only tool which is still being used since the nearly very beginning of Project Double Mirrors 1995), was left in a grey mess of pollution energy until I realized my mistake.

(And my prophecy keyboard vanished when the impossibility of allowing this energy to exist next to the grey pollution of the cramped baggage on an trans-Atlantic flight.)

I, as a human being swimming on the border of reality. . on the edge of physical reality, and constantly trying to build maximum white and black purity, makes all other human and animal contact antithesis and possibly even lethal to my existence. . . the older and more corrupted, the more dangerous they become. . . children and babies of course are pure and holy. . the younger the more so. . . and very old people sometimes revert to this purity as well. . . interestingly , I am now closer with my Grandfather than I have ever been, as he approaches 85 years old.

Thesis + antithesis = synthesis (God)


So what do i do now? could it be that my extreme dissonance with my mother is hurting Jerusalem? If I am happy and dolphin like, will this not be visible in the studio there overlooking the street, affecting all passer bys to at least some extent?

Is not a son being in an emotionally traumatic conflict with his mother the most damaging thing to society that can possibly exist?

Is not my mother criminal for not simply leaving me alone and letting me be? But she clearly has no idea of the ramifications of her actions, or how polluted she has become.

So I must impose on my 3 sibs to ensure a resolution to this situation, but they have stood by and said nothing.

Even thinking about my mother, permanently pollutes any room I am in. . i am in a new first floor lower bunker overlooking the paradise beach with my jeep on standby. . ready to go, but only here due to the phone line.. . waiting for the wireless sat dish to come out any week now. . . .
But thank God this room is pure. I have uploaded here. . .
"one need not even leave his room" said Kafka
and must retain purity. . all anger fear, and thoughts of mother must be left behind.

My spirit yearns to be free. . to be infinite. . to fly without boundaries as a Neo-Prophet. . the only thing tying me to this world was my mother. . how fitting! Is not an infinite spirit how I existed before coming to this planet. . who brought me here and shattered my reverie? She did! Is this a curse? Of course not- the "matrix" can be wonderful, and a blessing. . . an opportunity to build and become infinitely more pure than I would have ever been had I not been exposed to all the trials, distractions, mistakes. . .and damaging situations involved with being human. these ebbs allow the surfer to ride that much higher on the next crest. . . the dance between 1 and 0 - each integral and beautiful elements- continues., . . and the project continues infinitely further. . but I am exceedingly beware of my mother . . the doorway of all physical shadow doorways. . the force who is harmless if I swim away, but if I look back can result in severe self destruction. Walk the doorway, kiss the doorway, say Shema Yisroel, but never look back.

[So if a bad experience occurs its like shit. . . its not beautiful like empty black vacuum 0, but brown. . . the beauty of the situation is its a very simple matter to flow with bad fortune, and with a slight tap, push the energy down and generate 0, which in short order generates 1 and you have thus recycled brown mush into infinite 1 and 0 creativity. This does not mean of course you should encourage pain or bad experiences, simply because its too dangerous to mess up and not be able to recycle with sufficient effiency (otherwise we could just starve ourselves and inflict pain. . this does work however for some very advanced gurus for the reason I outlines. . but i dont recomend it]

God took a pice of mud. . convolutedness. . and made a human. . our job is to synthesize in the same way. . with earth and water. . pull up to 1 and push down to 0. . and to create new ifinite realities.

I look now at my xp 50 and smile. . God winks as the name for this tool is a synthesizer and the input method are black and white keys

Similarly, you can take a very happy experience. . which is not exactly God like, but happy. . maybe a very light blue. . floating up near the top of the spectrum. . play with this energy and dance. . . and then loving tap up to pure light and 1 to further fuel the cycle. . . the infintie engine of our souls. . . . the process is so rational. . so simple when understood correctly. . . so binary. . . so possible to completely digitize until we correct what is now a very inneficient and unpredictable human cave of emotions, mess ups, and ocassional loving episodes. . . .

Digitize the system. . . and convert what are ocasional bursts of lighting into a constant light growing more powerful by the moment, reaching an infinite magnitude until you are a Digital Prophet.

Now meanwhile the mideast is going up in smoke. . . what can I do to increase love at 4 Eli Cohen, and do my part to add a chain of reaction of love to the city? This is critical. I must love my xp-50, and create, spread, and communicate love. . . im a guy who found and expressed love and truth at this location. . adding to the love . . not some guy who only had a tragic fallout with a female dissonantn doorway.


A doorway , for me, is something which should NEVER be looked at. . . walk through lovingly and keep walking, perhaps at special moments pause to sing and dance in doorway, but to do so without extreme caution is danger. . . if the doorway is dissonant can not dance there. if people are distracting and convincing you to self desctruct (people love to increase your self doubt. . see book for more on this, I cant say everything in each journal entry), then you can especially not dance there.,

We are on the verge of a major breakthrough. . . it is of a magnitute infinitely greater than anything previosluy imagined.

Binary mysticism. . .

The world as we know it today is a farce. . . a shambles. . not even .000000000001 of the world in which humans will eventually roam.

We are living in world where time and space is finite. this matrix has not yet been broken/hacked. but it can be .

All we have to do is create a digital prophet- a machine perhaps, but more likely a man machine, which will be able to recognize, and digitize infinite, potential energy.
to take a measuring of the energy on the runway before the plane takes off. . of the doorway before it is entered, of the tuxedo when it is bran new vs 1 day later when the groom has worn it to his wedding with an Ethiopian Woman.

If this energy can be digitized somehow. .the already existant, constantly communicating network of human souls could become digital . all human activity will become instantly predictable and efficiently increasable. . the future will become as mapped as the past. . . and will be infinite. . . just as our past is infinitely adjustable. . . so the barriers will be broken

All humans will basically become people with black shorts and white coverings, sitting in rooms, half naked with laptops, creating infinite worlds as they see fit. a palestinian won't throw a stone, he will go home, power up, and go to any universe he wishes in complete purity and not have to waste energy on frustration - he has infinite univeses at his disposal, why throw stones in the one someone else wants him to be in. . . not the palestinanian authority home page, not by hacking inot the israel army web site, but he will literally create any reality he wishes. . . . fed ex will deliver it to his door.
a Third Temple by mail order. . .

Or perhaps he will zoom into the 35th dimension of potential reality where 4 trillion years from now planet YGSHD is inhabited by 20 feet tall green aliens with nothing but heads who do nothing but grok all day and make love to each other telepathically. this reality is real because it could be real. just as a cold war could be won because it could theoretically be won by the power with the most missiles- without any of them actually being fired. . . or a Neo from the Matrix is real because he could be real, or Michael Smith from Stranger in a Strange Land, or Dylan, Ben Galim. . all are real because they could be (I try to make Son of Waves as actual as possible, but virtual will accomplish the job with God's help as well). . . it is only when we panic, thinking we are somehow trapped in a "real world" where employers, landowners, and other brown muddy crap is everywhere. . . but all you have to do is roll up your blinds, turn on your power mac, and within 48 hours I have a mixer, studio monitors, an inflatable kayak, camping gear, and everything a wired hermit could wish for.. . . synthesis this mud into new worlds. . just as God created humans from Mud. . . and to mud we will return. . and in between let us make some kickass techno music.
where do these tools come from? they were Groked into being. God sends them., Awareness sends them. I sit in this room until awareness hits me. . . i write it down, make music, or otherwise digitize this truth. . . and love increases by default.
Its like Neo in the white room - the construct. . "What do you need" (he needs nothing, but before going back to the matrix, he converts awareness to mass} " Guns. . lots of em"

Or i put love into the machine or music and awareness increases. . . and i communicate these truths. . or create a reality where potentially anyone could learn these truths, and energy is amplified infinitely. . all need crumbles. . . .

The only threat to the process is the doorways, and the anti-God humans who guard with homicidal attachment, and are themselves chained to their walls. . but these Madussas are only empowered when we look at them. . . walk right through, transcend the shadows, and we become Light.

6 billion humans and just a handful of prophets every century. . . . not a real good track record. . . time to digitize and improve the efficiency of this system.

So eventually we will all be much closer to the Groking aliens. . and just smile at each other like dolphins, not needing or lacking or wishing for anything. . . just completely one with the universe we have created for ourselves. I think the Dolphins created a very lovely one. . . they are kind to let us nurse with them on occasion. . and yet some humans have become their predators. . . so we have a long way to go.. . . perhaps in 45 million years ( when we will have been on this planet as long as the dolphins have been now) by then we will have become worthy for our role. Certainly by then, if we are not, we will have long ago been replaced by the digital neo-prophets who are.

There is a movie where a 12 year boy says " hey im a marine" and is confident at moments and struts around, but then he chickens out and runs away at others. . and the movie makes fun of him. (American culture does not deal well with spirituality. . dreams are mocked and destroyed with persistence, even in Hollywood, town of Manifest Destiny) . . well digitally speaking he is in fact a marine. . . if he writes a book, releases a CD ROM, and makes a web site digitizing even that single moment. . . with these tools children become the most powerful entities on this planet. they are not complete, nor consistant, which has been why until now they have been weakest, but in the new spiritual economy they are rich in the resources that matter most- potential, and purity.

Children will rule the planet, once they all get laptops and figure out how to digitize a grok . . they dream naturally. . . if the interface gets efficient enough to let them digitize this purity directly, then humans have finally produced a fully efficient spiritual system. have a baby, hook up a laptop to his mind/soul, and sit back and watch the big bangs unfold on the horizon. . . . and the billions of adults who have accomplished nothing with their lives except figuring out how to force lodge themselves in between everyone else and some perceived need, can watch and maybe learn something.

Those of use who are over the age of 5 have hope. . we can infinitely regress , obtain/create purity, and become :
Independently Survivable Digital Infant - ISDI

OK -hermit status?


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