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11/3/00 Scientists Think They've Glimpsed the 'God Particle'

LA Times story:
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Scientists Think They've Glimpsed the 'God Particle' "The vacuum of physics gives structure to everything else. Like the strings of an unseen puppeteer, it holds all matter under its influence. "

" GENEVA--For more than 20 years, scientists around the world have been searching for an invisible particle that determines the basic properties of matter. The particle, called a Higgs boson, is thought to be a vibrating chunk of the unseen vacuum that underlies everything in the universe.
Today, physicists at the European laboratory CERN are set to announce what they believe is the first glimpse of the Higgs boson.
The evidence is by no means conclusive. However, the discovery is considered critical to physics--not only concluding one chapter but also opening the door to another completely undiscovered realm.
"The Higgs is not just a particle,' said CERN theorist John March-Russell. "It means there's this whole new world out there."
Once physicists understand this pervasive, unseen influence, they will be able to answer a question so fundamental that ancient thinkers probably never even dared to ask it: "Why does matter have mass?"
"Said Princeton experimentalist Chris Tully: "I think it will eventually be hailed as one of the greatest achievements you can make in science."
The vacuum of physics gives structure to everything else. Like the strings of an unseen puppeteer, it holds all matter under its influence.
The Higgs field is a fundamental part of this nothingness. It's like water to a fish, an essential ingredient of the universe. And the Higgs boson has enormous consequences: Without this hidden field, all particles would travel at the speed of light. Atoms could
not exist.
Possible traces of the long-sought particle were detected during experiments in the 17-mile-around Large Electron Positron collider, or LEP, by crashing atomic particles together at high speeds."

Amazingly, this finding seems to be a verbatim confirmation of my "Origin of the Universe" insight from 10 months ago. And the question I asked then- why does the physical universe exist.

The vacuum scientists have seen is the 0!

1 is pure light perhaps in physics terminology.

Matter is the interaction between the 2. . just as I have written.

So in the language of modern physics God is the sum of all light plus the infinite vacuum. infinite energy that combines to form unique, finite, physical universes in the form of worlds of matter.

1- light
0 - anti matter - what I have been calling anti- love


Despite having no direct knowledge of modern physics or any of these events, this discovery ties in directly with Origin of the Universe Theory, revealed to me on 2/2000.

The future of awareness is digital prophets. . . cyber mystics who infer, extrapolate, and discover the meanings of life ahead of all other methods. . . by using our most precious resource- the infinite soul. allow the soul to interface with our surroundings. . . to explore freely, with all attachments, assumptions, and fear set aside, and all awareness will flow like a tsunami. Large Electron Positron collider not included or necessary.

God is revealing himself to the world. . . one does not need an atom smasher to see these things

And scientists are now starting to glimpse, but are missing the big picture. they have discovered these things, but are unaware of the significance, or ramifications for the rest of human existence.

The fact that some guy with nothing but a laptop and a multimedia studio bunkered up in Jerusalem during the turn of the millennium could discover these principles 10 months before them, with no evidence except the living moments in his studio, without having any idea what they were doing or ever reading a book of quantum physics suggests Im on the right path, Thank God.

Here are the key points-

God is revealing himself to all. . first to the spiritually sensitive and to all those who love
- the digital revolution is a key component of this process - the binary system, mimicking the core makeup of the universe is no coincidence- a new world is being created, and can potentially purify the one we have already corrupted.
- science is a language that will concretely explain the shadows of the universe to all those who are straggling behind and would cynically otherwise remain in disbelief.

Even if the Higgs really has been discovered,
March-Russell--echoing many of his
colleagues--stressed that LEP "can only see the
shadows. It's only when you go further that you see the
structure underneath. I think we're going to start seeing
incredible things."

Scientists are now finally seeing the light even from behind their microscopes.This scientist just said a line that sounds like it is directly out of my book, verbatim, , . . . shadows, i have seen incredible things. . .. all humanity will soon be repeating these words as we soon step out into the light.

Naturally before this revelation, even in my secluded island location, I was faced with a potential distraction. . . the human biology foolishly tricks us into assuming resources are finite. . . that the level of purity, of 1 and 0 equations is constant and finite, and therefore all creativity by one is assumed to be a loss for another. . . so growth is challenged, and purity is sought to be corrupted. . . but thank God I am on the right track and remain sufficiently pure to proceed with the mission.

Thank God I have uploaded Double Mirrors the book, on 11/1/00. The publisher confirmed today they have received the file. The entire publication process will take a few months, and then a paperback version will be available. Stay tuned

11/3/00 Island

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