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10/9/00 Yom Kippur

As I have struggled today to find total seclusion and purity, wandering among and between islands as a lonely digital nomad, never knowing what will come, I will honor the traditional Jewish day of forgiveness and atonement by asking all visitors to and Project Double Mirrors to please forgive me for not having created and communicated as much of this project by now as is possible. I ask forgiveness for the difference between what Son of Waves Studios has the potential of being, and what I Dylan Tauber, have been able to achieve so far. Know that I am doing my best, to create and communicate love, as I compete with many forces of distraction.
I aim to build a 2nd studio on this island, near dolphins, and totally free of all corrupting contact. With God's help this mission will soon conclude, and then, you will witness an exponential growth in output, as Project Double Mirrors comes to a climactic conclusion with a hardcover book release, a 2nd studio is rebuilt, and infinite new projects are begun, including digitizing of infinite dolphin energy here on the coast, new music projects inspired by the isolated beauty and purity of this island and the dolphins who dance in its bays, and a celebration of life, even in these days when every day holds an equal potential for armageddon or messiah.

I pray to God to help me in this path, to remain pure, to forgive me for where I am failing, and to strengthen me with wisdom to not repeat my mistakes and to only evolve as I am intended to.

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