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Tahiti 4/14/00 Friday 6:00 PM

welcome to Tahiti. Its Friday night just was probably the only person on Tahiti to light candles. I am in a deep overwater ocean bungalow. I cannot imagine a more ideal shelter. There are some annoying neighbors on either side, but except for the missing isolation ( and phone line!) this is ideal.

For the first swim, immediately after arriving I went to the balcony, and jumped straight of into the water. It was beautiful. perfect way to go back to dolphin mode,.l this is dolphin training camp. Even have to eat in public.

some female companionship would be nice, but I do the have the company of the beautiful ocean, and "cat who sees through walls"a recent novel by Robert Heinlin (author of "A Stranger in a Strange Land".)

Im here for a week. . a week without net access is going to be interesting to say the least. . .this is SWS on vacation.

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