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becomes the sum of all, as the 2 merge. .. (origin of univer part 5)

becomes the sum of all, as the 2 merge. .. Of course it didnıt happen in time. . there is no time on this level. . the explosion between 2, and formation of "Day and Night" happened because it could happen.

1 and 0 are making love. .. both constrantly increasing and infinitely feeding off of eachother. . . by default all then becomes an agent of 1. .. all becomes beautiful. . even 0, because all are contributing to more glory for 1. . of course from the other point of view all is nothing. .. and all increases 0. . . . but from an esthetic standpoint, . .. as we paint the picture, the result is the same whether we focus on negative or positive space. Either way the same painting results and is equally beautiful.
(as humans lacking sufficient purity to reach the same result regardless of our perspective there is a huge difference resulting from the perspective we choose to take, however.)

so God is sum of all. . . and is all. .. nothing and everything, past present and future, every peice of energy and mass in the universe and every action "good" or "bad." all must be loved accordingly.

All mater that has been perceived or has the potential to be perceived./loved in the future.

so how do we act? what we do doesnt matter-- even killing someone produces a good somewhere else in the universe. . . you cannot possible cause 1 or 0 to "win" in entirety. .. in this universe both will interact and exist for eternity. . and the reduction of 1, makes it that much more glorious when it returns. . so this tradeoff benefits both. . this is the mutual interest that is served in the constant exchange. .. instead of a constant pure white univese. . . its waves going up and down , in and out for eternity. . God has a sense of humor in making humans make love in a similar way. . the manifestation of physical sex is of course a symbol and an appropriate token of the spiritual energy exchnages it represents.

of course a God willed creator can create other worlds. . other universes. . . 2 others perhaps and beleived to be already imagined (created) are heaven and hell- the (almost) entirty of 1 or 0. . . of course even then its not complete 1 because an awareness of the 0 below would also exist, this awareness in itself lending entity to 0.

the individual has 3 basic choices (or inifinite combinations of the 3):

1. strive to create a world of 1, internatlly and externally, with self and all those we interact with. attempt harmony with all around- become 1 with the world, become God. God is 1. while this might be a practical imposibily to create total 1, by striving towards this end, we do honor to all that is Good, life, love, truth etc. There might not be any real increase or contribution to God's already infinite nature as a result, but the more 1 we create in our lives, the more creative power we attain to create more 1 and so on. this cannot be argued to be inherintly the way all humans must be, but i chose to try be this way. ultimately in this path we become God, and have the ablitlity to as a result create any reality or change the matrix as we see fit.

2. recognize the matrix, but decide that infinte energy should be used for ego, power, and destruction. hoard mass amounts of both 1 and 0 in any mutant combination necessary to achieve these ends.

It is not possible to be a human 0 - 0 has no entity.even hitler made love to a woman, and ate food, slept, was a baby, etc. what made him evil was his indiscreminate hoarding of energy to create mutant variations of 1 and 0 with the sole purpose of increase of power and destruction of the worlds of those around him. Great order in the german army, society, etc, used to kill millions of people, etc

openhiemer - "behold im the destroyer of worlds" but this was a creative process to destroy them. . a mutant an twisted combination of 1- order and harmony twisted for destructive ends. . 0 is beautiful and could never create destruction. . only a human could imagine such a paradox.
of course no offset to universe. . . all 0 increase leads to increase of 1. .for every death a birth, holocause, birth of israel/new jew, death of new jew, birth of post jew, island digital prophet.

3. do nothing, just flow, and live as a foil for the creators. . . living out roles dreamed by them and content to live and feed off these illuisions, adding to the pool of their tier energies.

so humanity produces God's prophets, God-like Egos , and sheep, and many different combinations of the 3 elements.

so what do i do now never changesl . .. . just my understanding of the process reached in the conclusion gets infinitely deeper as time goes by. . . answer is still- yes create, spread love/truth and always will be.


People fight over 1 ­ ability to move, freedom, thought, everything requires love.

All this with Godıs help. . I cannot outthink or outrationalize , but through Godıs help know through love.

Fell asleep around 5 am contemplating how universe could originate between 2 parallel planes. . black and white of 1 and 0. . . or maybe there are many universes at different points where they interact in different dimensions?

We cant think in demensions of consciousness rationally. .. our universe exists now because retroactively it could. . it non-rationally it exploded into being a finite time ago. . but God has always existed .. than why not universe, if the universe is part of God? Well indirectly it has. . . perhaps God is always expanding. . univese was result of the expansion into time/space through interaction of 1, 0


multiple doorways and planes can serve to deflect or protect against energy we are trying to avoid. . .

cars are quite today. . not because I defeated them, but because they no longer have potential to hurt me, so they donıt . there is no longer a meaningful target here (nor was there ever)

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