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1994 - "Double Mirrors," submitted by Dylan Tauber as a paper for a class at Columbia University.
1995 - "Double Mirrors," registered in the US copyright office.
1996 - "Double Mirrors," included on the Double Mirrors CD-ROM.
11-1-99 - "Double Mirrors," book preview, released.
1-1-00 - Double Mirrors Theory fully available to read on
2/1/02 - "Double Mirrors" and "The Doorway" books published on
2005- "Double Mirrors: Images of the Infinite" 80 page picture book published, and revised in 2018 with
2013- "Double Mirrors" and "The Doorway"" ebooks published, and available on Apple Bookstore
2018- "Son of Waves," a screenplay / short story by Dylan Tauber released on 3/30/18 for free download, and a paperback on Amazon. An audiobook was released on 4/17/18 for free download as well.
2019- "Son of Waves 2.0" by Dylan Tauber, published as an ebook for free download. The story of my life from 1994-2019 about my journey around the planet and many Pacific islands, in order to find my soul.
2019- "Theories: Double Mirrors and Ones and Zeros" by Dylan Tauber, published as an ebook and paperback on
Hardcover, paperback, and e-books available here.
Meanwhile, you can read the excerpts listed below or the Journal.

Information on the books "Double Mirrors" and "The Doorway"

(ebooks available now for $2.99)

1/1/00 - Double Mirror Theory uploaded.

 I am currently working on publishing a 400 page book entitled Double Mirrors, a project I have been working on for the last 3 years, aimed at communicating an idea that came to me 4 years ago, when I was 18, the year of my Vision Quest, in Jerusalem, Israel, where I now live.

Wait a minute. . this isn't an obituary. . so let me try again (just a little rusty after writing one too many animated gifs): 3 years ago, I sat in my summer dorm room at Columbia University, and decided to write a book. In addition to sharing my experiences from the last 7 crazy years (from a yeshiva to a strip bar with ex-NIN babe), I decided that i was going to communicate my vision of Dolphin and Double Mirrors,a "theory" I consider to be the meaning of life.

In the past 3 years this Project has evolved from 20 pages of typos about picking up a girl at a sleazy techno club in NYC, to a full fledge Bruce Lee Kiup battle cry . . an infinite spiritual explosion in the name of Love/Truth that soon filled up an entire CD ROM. But this Manhattan project was multimedia in nature- a three prong attack featuring music, images, and an interactive book.

Today, the project continues in Jerusalem in the form of, continuing my philosophy of embracing digital technology, and using all the high technology necessary to communicate Double Mirrors. And if I can connect with other Jedi in the process and save the planet. . that'd be cool too!

But even with all the high tech tricks and fancy gimmicks of CD ROM multimedia, web pages, and digital imaging, the printed word remains the bottom line. We bombed the shit out of Iraq with high tech jets and missiles, but when all the dust settled, it was time to send in the marines. Unfortunately, my ground war has been long postponed, and troop morale is down. All eyes are pointed upwards, following the gaze of the visionary, waiting for a miracle to jump start this revolution/evolution from Turtle (self) to Dolphin (Full Jedi). ..

So the 400 page book entitled Double Mirrors, a project I have been working on for the last 3 years, aimed at communicating an idea that came to me 4 years ago, when I was 18, the year of my Vision Quest, in Jerusalem, Israel, where I now live, remains unpublished, and until it is, this page will be kept to a minimum.

Why? Well.. .Due to unfortunate past experiences (someone trying to steal the idea)that Id rather not get into, I am forced to postpone uploading the majority of this text. With God's help, however, I will soon publish my book/CD ROM, and this spiritual constipation will be over. . .

Meanwhile, the war rages. . a three prong attack of book, CD ROM, and .. gotta run time to destroy some demons.

Book Excerpts:

  • "Double Mirrors" and "The Doorway" -both books are now available in paperback, and ebook format for $2.99
  • Double Mirror Theory- summary uploaded to on 1/1/00
  • Ones and Zeros Theory by Dylan Tauber, also available on Journal, entry #25
  • Yom Kippur at the Limelight
  • Sarah
  • Summer of 94
  • Artist Statement at an early Columbia Photo Exhibit
  • Summer of '95
  • Online Chat with Rose Dolphin, one of the 12 Dolphins
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  • Journal- most recent writing.
  • DoubleMirror Theory - uploaded 01/00
  • Intro
  • Cyber-Spirit-the future of human prophets (Digital )
  • DolphinVision
  • Son of Waves - short statement
  • The Ethiopian Woman
  • Columbia Papers- (about New Jew)
  • New Jew
  • Rabin Assassination- a tribute to Prime Minister Rabin.
  • Dialogue (Mostly Religion debates)
  • Conversations - IRC, AOL chat excerpts from last 3 years. coming soon. .
  • Cyber-Ethiopian Woman- comments from Ethiopian Women
  • JediNet- a plan to save the planet by uniting artists (Dolphins)
  • Guestbook-comments from site visitors
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  • Project Double Mirrors Reviews
  • Reviews of music and Double Mirrors Soundtrack
  • Columbia Daily Spectator: news and feature writing as a staff writer/associate editor, '93-'95
  • Paper about my Uncle Herb in WWII by Benjamin Tauber
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    Journal Entries

    Letter I wrote to a literary agent I sent my manuscript to on December 30, 1996. She turned out to be a crook, but it was still significant- it was the first time I sent the book out. I have not yet sent it to anyone else.

     To whom it may concern:

    This book is part of a project I have been working on for over 2 years. It is an effort at communication that includes a CD-ROM, 400 photographs/digitally manipulated images, and my own music. I have been hesitant to contact any publishers / agents- you are the first. My one-way flight to Tel Aviv is tomorrow, and with God's help, my spiritual constipation is over!

    Please visit my web site at: to get a sense of my art work. I will send you a copy of my CD ROM from Jerusalem. I can also send you a summary of Double Mirrors, an idea I believe to be the "meaning of life."

    This book may make you laugh, it may make you cry, but if you allow it to enter your mind, I am sure you will be a link in the chain reaction that has already begun.

    Welcome to my Manhattan Project!

    Dylan, Son of Waves

    ©Dylan Tauber 1994-2024.

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