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 Dolphin. . . .
Breathe with me.
Breath of the Divine
Manna of the universe,
In Oneness we entwine.

Here is what that got my heart beating when Kiva, the New Jew, read it to me over the phone:

If Dolphin has appeared to you today, frothing through the waves in your spread, you are to be a link to some solution for the Children of the Earth.
This can be a time when you are to link with the Great Spirit and bring answers to your own questions or to those of others.
In addition, this can mean a time of communication with the rythms of nature. You are put on notice to be mindful of your body rythms and paterns of energy being fed to you by the Creator.
Imitate Dolphin and ride the waves of laughter, spreading joy in the world. Breathe and experience the manna so freely given, Break existing barriers and connect to the dreamtime or Great Star Nation.
Know that we are all whole in the eyes of the Everliving One.

The words of an American Indian visionary,

an early New Jew. . . .

I see no coincidence in the fact that my vision quest has been accompanied by my vision of Dolphin.

I hope you find these words as motivational as I have...

I have to go- I am in the middle of summing up my Double Mirror theory, what I believe is the meaning of life.... I have seen this truth not because I am smarter than those who have tried before me, but because God has helped me ride the waves of my soul, like the Dolphin in my vision.

I hope we speak again soon, fellow dolphin. May the Force be with you!

Dylan, Son of Waves

Dolphin Whisper by Dylan Tauber:

Dolphin Dream Mix 3.1 by Dylan Tauber:

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