Diolouge. . .


Hello. I am currently entering my senior year at WITS, and I saw your Web page and its numerous links. You said you welcome discussion, so here I am, about to discuss.

Before I begin, I'd like to point out that everything I am saying about you is based solely on your page and my knowledge of WITS. If I have misunderstood some of what you are trying to say, I am sorry.

As I understood it, your rejection of American Yeshiva Orthodoxy was based primarily on two things: Your belief that to truly be Jewish, one must be in Israel; and your experiences in WITS which (among other things) proved to you the failure of Orthodox Judaism.

To address the first point: If truly Israel is the focus of Judaism, and without living in Israel, one is not a Jew, everyone who professes to be an Orthodox Jew and yet lives in America is guilty of one of the following: 1) Delusion 2) Gross stupidity 3) Blatant hypocrisy. It is, as you say, that simple. But surely you cannot believe that nobody has ever considered the obligation to live in Israel, that no Orthodox Rabbi of stature has ever proven that it is indeed permissible, maybe even better to live in America than Israel. And upon what is your so-simple condemnation of millions of people based? You have an intense love of your homeland, that's very nice. To call every Jew in America a hypocrite? How can it be "that simple"?

To address the second: Judging the state of Jewry by WITS is somewhat akin to judging the level of human intelligence by a kindergarten class. That the people in WITS did not treat you well is not an indication of the failure of mussar, it is an indication of their failure to accept it. Meanwhile, the one person who could maybe legitimately be looked upon as the end product of a mussar lifestyle, Rabbi Cheplowitz, exemplifies the very epitome of what mussar is all about in a way that you will probably never forget as long as you live.

Why you chose to leave the derech, I don't know. Jesus complex? Simple laziness? Whatever it is, I know that you have no reason to listen to me, but please think it through one more time. Have you ever presented your problems with American Judaism to a competent Orthodox Rabbi? Please do.

A while ago, there was another guy who talked about New Jews and Old Jews. He ended up nailed to a cross.

Please write back.

Dear Anonymous,

First of all, I have to admit that hearing from a current student at WITS made me smile- its the kind of thing that proves that I haven't been wasting my time.

I would like to thank you for visiting DoubleMirrors.com, and for taking the time to articulate your reaction. I will do my best to respond fully.

You touch on several sensitive issues, where misinterpretation and even personal offence can quickly ruin our discussion. So allow me to clarify where I think you have mispercived my thoughts on Judaism.

1. Who is "truly Jewish" is question that is now being debated among Rabbis, journalists, thinkers, philosophers, and even the Israeli Knesset.

This is because it is a truly complex problem- how are we to justify using one word to define a people which is so tragically divided?

On the most basic level, the question of who is a Jew is meaningless. As human beings, fundamentally we are all the same. We all cry, suffer, love, pray, and feel, the same way. All that the human mind percieves soon takes on infinite proportions. This a universal quality that God has blessed all humans with.

If we are to survive as a species, we must focus on this fundamnetal bond, , not our differences. Either we Love, or we will all soon be destroyed.

This having been said, I do not belive in a passive approach of sweeping problems under the carpet just for the sake of peace and love. True harmony will be achived only when all Lies have been exposed and dismissed.

Now . . here is what I mean by the "lie of Rabbinic Judaism:"

Today Black Hebrews in Dimona (many of them, former street thugs from philidelphia, if Im not mistaken) say they are Jews and have more pride in this belief than the %50 of American Jews who intermarry.

Yet I think we both would agree that they can hardly be considered "true Jews."

This means that the idea that he who beleives he is a Jew is a Jew can be dismissed for now (at least until I have to have this debate with a Reform Rabbi)

In fact all Orthdox Jews would argue that Judiasm is defined by the absolutes of the Torah and tradition. The Torah never changes, the Rabbis teach us, , and never will change.

This is a beautiful concept, I thought so too. .. until I learned that this was simply not true. Judaism had actually gone through a major revolution, and evolved into several completely different religions. And Im not talking about Christianity and Jesus. Im talking about a different group of rebels who began in roughly the same period- the Rabbis. And the moment this is understood, all the dogma that they preach is revealed to be nothing more than an elaborate lie, no different than the type of lies perpetuated by the church for thousands of years in order to maintian its authority over the ignorant masses.

But its 1997, and the nintendo genration is online- information is on overflow. . organized religion is now impotent to all except the poor souls who still havent bought a modem or visited their local library.

No dont stop reading yet. . allow me to explain. This can't be more boring than a monday morning shiur, so hang in there. "Mennnnnnnnn!!!!!!!"

4 thousand years ago the Jewish people was born as they were saved from slavery in Egypt. After wondering around the desert, they conquered the land of Israel, and built a temple. It was a reliogion that belived in holy wars, destroying enemy cities, and serving the One God by offering sacrifices, overseen by the leaders of this ritual- the Priests- or Cohanim.

The "torah" was the 5 books of Moses. That was it.

To make a long story short (lets skip the first churbon), at around a hundred years before Jesus came into the picture, a rebel group was formed representing the religious needs of the common people, the farmers, the undeducuted. They were the Perushim, or the Pharisees. Hillel, Shamia, Rabbi Akiva, and others. They regected the authority of the Priests, who had become known as the Sagucees (Zidukim). The Priesthood had in fact become currupt and represented only the wealthiest class. Not surprisingly the Pharisees became very popular among the majorty of Jews. Meanwhile, a Third major group was forming, the Zeolots, who regected everyone else.

By 70 AD, Jerusalem was in state of spiritual crisis. The Romans needed to do little, as our ancestors fought and killed eachother within the beseiged city. As we fought with eachother, Jerusalem fell in a tragedy unparalleled for us until the holocaust. The Temple was burnt to the ground.

As the Jews went into exile, there was little place left fro the Sagucess, whose temple was now in ruins. These priests with no temple tried to protest the new Oral Law of the Pharisees, but were excomunicated by these new leaders.

These men, students of Hillel and Shamai, were brilliant. They understood that the religion was in crisis. With no temple- the single bond shared by all Jews, what would hold the religion togther? The answer was to construct a system of mini temples and teachers for each comminutiy, where ever they might be. Teh teachings of these Rabbis would be considered as the Torah itself, for what else but such a commitment to tradition could possibly hold the religion togther?

This system was so perfect that it withstood a 2000 exile all over the world.

But lets look at the following analogy:

click here

Judiasm has always, and will always revolved around Israel. The New Jews 2000 years ago were the Rabbis. If the rebels win, they write the history, and of course preach anything necessary to strengthen their legitimacy. (things like our Talmud goes back to Moshe at Sinai. . a very clever dogma to drill into the masses. . sort of like the Pope saying his funny hat was the kind that Jesus wore)

Part 2 of my response to come soon. (with God's help)

The only other point that needs to be added urgently is this:

>To address the first point: If truly Israel is the focus of Judaism, and without >living in Israel, one is not a Jew, everyone who professes to be an Orthodox Jew >and yet lives in America is guilty of one of the following: 1) Delusion 2) Gross >stupidity 3) Blatant hypocrisy. It is, as you say, that simple.

This is a very tempting rationalization, but yet extremely dangerous. When we are too scared, lazy, ignorant, or simply unable to think on our own, we are conditioned to find comfort in the actions of others. "Well everyone is doing it so it must be OK." This tendency is one of humanity's most dangerous flaws.

The fact is, masses of people have been guilty of all three of the qualities you mention and much worse throughout history. The examples are too frequent and obvious to mention. Jews have historically excelled at transcending this trap by thinking independently and following where our hearts and souls lead us, no matter how terrifying the path. It was Abraham, our father, who said there is One God, when he could have backed out of his quest at any time by assuming: "well its impossible that EVERYONE in the world is delusional and grossly stupid. . " Wake up ,_____ and take a whiff. . . yes that smell is not the flowers. . its the smell of a very smelly naked Emperor.

El Al should have non stop service from Milwaukee. . I suggest you get out of the cave at 3288 North Lake Drive, and come here ASAP. Dont worry about college- Chep was right- its a waste of time. Id be happy to hook you up and all your WITSer friends at a Kibutz up north. . . beautiful girls there. . id think about it!

Until I have time for a more detailed response, pelase visit OldJew Net, the Old Jew Page, the New Jew Page, and read the material I posted (thanks for promting me to do so!), inlcuding several papers about early Rabbinic Judaism I wrote at Columbia. I especially hope you get a chance to read the "analogy of the swimmers" that I posted on Old Jew Net.

If you keep an open mind (the Zen analogy states it is impossible to fill a cup that is already full) I trust that this diolouge will be worthwhile.

Meanwhile. . . what is new at WITS? how many students are ther now? is the french Toast still kick ass? been down to the lake recently? are the nudists still there? are there any guys left with some spirit, or is everyone a Beis Medreish sell out?

is Mr Nikel back? Mr Pouch? Tell them I say hi.

I have a 20 page humorous account of my experiences at WITS, which I have temporarily taken down, but expect to re-post soon.

Anything you tell me will be kept anonymous. Please tell your friends at WITS about DoubleMirrors.com. I am %100 willing to answer any questions, anonymously, any WITSers might have, or discuss these ideas further. Dont worry I wont tell the rabbis. . .

Isnt a wired planet a cool thing?

Thanks again for visiting DoubleMirrors.com.



Now that I have researched your beliefs that are laid out on your Website, I can honestly tell you with great understanding, that YOU are getting played by the Father of Lies. Intelligence is all in vain if it is set apart from the One True Creator--Jesus the Christ~ The devil; satan, (fallen angel Lucifer) has used the universiality bit since early man, but it always comes up short. True, you are blessed with the ability to travel around the world, but what good is it?, if your still unfullfilled and depressed.? I am 21, and spent most of my youth in a self-induced hell, but when I found Jesus, He lifted me on high, and showed me the reality of His Love. Dylan, I hate to crush your theory, but face it man, the REAL New Jews are Christians!~


Im sure you could tell me of the volumes of hypocrisy you have witnessed and heard of, and I used to build those walls myself, but you know what, I was never happy then. Peace is a lot more then being numb, and the REAL love God the Father has for you, is waiting for all those who accept His Son as sacrifice, and payment for their sins worthy of damnation. The Force*, and the Universal Energy*, are Lies perpetrated by the enemy of man. If you want to see where that road will take you, study Hinduism, Buddism, and the New (old) Age Movement. Everyone in these traps are in touch with thier inner-power, yet strangly complacent, selfish, and unproductive. I am only telling you this because it is obvious that the Father has given you a great gift of emotional imagery, and you are really wasting it working for the wrong team. Try being a REAL New Jew......try coming to the one who died for you.....so that you could live for Him.~


With True Love,

Your Christian Friend,

~ Changed4JC@aol.com ~




Christian Friend,

While I appreciate your investigation of my site, and your concern, it seems that it is you who are being misled.

Jesus was a visionary, true, but nothing depresses me more than seeing his words twisted and misunderstood by his so called followers.


To quote Bruce Lee:


"It is like a finger pointing to the moon. Do not focus on the finger or you will lose site of all heavenly glory."


Sadness is often the result after seeing much Truth. . . the fact is this world is sick and for those of us who see this, there is plenty to be sad about.

If you are truly concerned about my personal happiness, fear not, dear friend. I will soon find The Ethiopian Woman (with God's help) and he who was once a crying Dolphin will ride the waves of joy and laughter for eternity.


I am not on the "wrong team." We are all on the SAME team.

I suspect, based on your e-mail, that I will have to speak in the language your dogma limits you to:


Remember what Jesus really taught: God is Love. We serve him by loving eachother. Spread Love.


if we all live this way, organized religion, dogma, rituals, priests, wars, "damnation" , hypocrisy, and yes, even "The Father of Lies" will be a thing of the past.


Let us fight as one for this future!




JeDiD303: im leaving in one of the most angry cities in the world now

JeDiD303: i couldnt stop thinking yesterday-- jerusalem is just like me-- a beautiful spiritual core, but full of some major demons

Magkhppns: Why so angry?.......I'm sorry I'm not up to date with anything.

JeDiD303: the whole fuckin world is regecting israel now-- even the US is criticising-- possibly all time low with arabs in 20 years

JeDiD303: there might be a war soon

JeDiD303: watch the news. .. really

JeDiD303: it all started over a new neighborhood being built here in Jerusalem

Magkhppns: I don't like the news.........

JeDiD303: whcih the Palestinians claim as there future capitol, but the current capitol of Israel who view it as holy too

JeDiD303: me neither. . . its usually bullshit. .. I should give you the scoop myself

JeDiD303: so you got like 4 million Jews, and 20 million arabs all fighting over a couple of hills

JeDiD303: for the last 50 years

JeDiD303: israel is the size of Rhode Island

JeDiD303: anywy- its 10:30 am here- i better start my day

JeDiD303: it really is a holy city, that is the problem

JeDiD303: that many people arent wrong. . .

JeDiD303: the sad thing is we are polluting it with the worst kind of hatred and human self destruction

JeDiD303: just like me

JeDiD303: got to run. .

Magkhppns: Ok.........talk later?

JeDiD303: yup

bye : )

Magkhppns: bye : )



I am a techno muscian /digital artist living in Jerusalem. ( I just moved here from NYC)


I want to start a new techno label called Jerusalem techno.


If you make (not lookin for DJ's that just mix other people's work) techno/ambient/trance/house music and live in Israel, or know anybody that does, please e-mail me!


Dylan, Son of Waves





I just received your newsletter. Great stuff.


By the way- I dropped out of high school too-- an obscure Orthodox Jewish boarding school in Milwaukee, WI. To my knowledge I was the only high school drop out at Columbia : )


Just another example of God helping a good destiny to take place no matter what situation we create.


Why don't we start by linking our sites. I'll put a link to SPIRITECH on my new Cyber-Spirit site, a sub directory of DoubleMirrors.com.


What portions of DoubleMirrors.com have you already visited?


My main source for hesitation, is that I am extremly scared of my ideas being stolen and misused, namely Double Mirrors. I am a guardian of this explosive link in the cyber-spiritual quest. For this reason, I have excluded the summary of this very potent theory from my site.

the meaning of life- no kidding.

I am very influenced by the hacker ideology, which I respect. Information must be free, but in this case, it is just too dangerous, as of now. By the end of '97, with God's help this will change.


As we establish a trust, our callabortaion will surely grow.

Please keep me informed as your organization grows. I look forward to offering my assistance.


Good luck, fellow Jedi


Dylan, Son of Waves


"Don't be so proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

Darth Vader, Star Wars



I really did find the meaning of Life. (many of us do)

God is Great.


ps. Thankyou for contacting me. I am very happy to hear from others on this path of truth (thanks to the mircale of the Net, a system built as a result of the Bomb,Jedi everywhere can be in close contact.)

Keep on unravelling the onion-- its worth it no matter how many tears you cry.




You have found the right guy. The "spirituality-technological revolution" as you put it is not only the focus of DoubleMirrors.com, a 400 page book I will soon publish, and my Manhattan CD ROM project, but a very real Atom Bomb of truth that is about to explode in a big way.


My vision tells me that a group of 12 young cyber-Jedi will be instrumental in announcing this revolution the world. I refer to these messengers as the 12 Dolphins.

I must tell you right now, that I have a bias against scientists and the intellectual academic approach.

I studied visual arts at Columbia University, surrounded by intellectuals. My father is a professor of philosophy (who might even be still trying to steal Double Mirrors) and I spent 2 years in the building where the built the Bomb.

Science for the sake of Science will end in complete human anihialation.


Human self destruction is an infinite force that competes with spirituality, and has so far profited from the technology revolution more than anything else. Science and technology is a dangerous force that has brought us the ability to destroy our planet completely.



The world will be saved when Jedi- good people- can harness technolgy for the sake of the continuation of the human/Cyber spirit. This evolution is destined to happen.


The first team is nearly complete. We are based here in Jerusalem.


I have been in close spiritual dioluge with my PowerMac for years already (I write, and make multimedia, digital synthesizer/techno music, and digital art), and have witnessed many incredible miracles involving the Cyber-Spirit. Together with David the Visionary, I have recovered 1 gigabyet of data merely through spiritual energy, data that could not be recovered by an expert and many attemtps of various utility programs.


Speaking for the 12 Dolphins, I can tell you that we are on the cutting edge of the cyber-spiritual revolution. We are very interested in collaborating with those that do in fact share this universal human vision--- God/Love/Truth as an end and technology and science as a very disposable means.



I look forward to hearing from you,


Dylan, Son of Waves.

(Jerusalem Jedi)

3/22/97 post to AOL discussion group on middle east

I live in Jerusalem, where I am minding my own business making techno music and trying to start a cyber-spiritual revolution, but that is another story.

I would advise anyone who wants to know what is really going on to come here. It is perfectly safe . Even with the suicide bombings, and the rest of the violence, I can not think of many other cities in the world where I would feel safer.


CNN or any other news coverage does not provide even half the story. They are biased by an agenda that can be summed up in one word- ratings.


I can assure you Israelis truly want peace. There are extremists who refuse to sacrifice very much for this peace, but there is not a single Israeli who wants a continued conflict with the Palestianians or any other nation.


I cannot speak for the Palestinians, as I do not deal with any on a daily basis, and again, I do not trust the media. But my understanding of human nature, and common sense tells me that there surely are many peaceful Palestianians have better things to do with their time then dream of driving the Jews into the sea.


I am discouraged that Arafat freed many members of Hamas, one of the most dangerous terrorists organization in the world just days before the attack. This was not widely reprted in the western media.

He is also belived to have given a green light to Hamas to continue its terror operations, but this is denied by the Palestinians. But I don't want to get into this bickering-- it is very self defeating.


the vast majority of people in the middle east who truly want peace are the victims once again, as the extremists, politicians, and the media have a field day.

the Terrorists, politicians, media, all feed off eachother. .. it becomes a cycle that snowballs very quickly-

the politicians negotiate, play games, and piss everyone off, the media exposes the tensions, shines a huge light on them, making the problems thousands of times more dangerous as they become part of the conciousness of millions, a source of universal angst that eventually is expressed in the act of a single terrorist who blows up a cafe and manages to shake an entire country thanks to the TV camera's who bring the explosion into every living room. So now the politicians have even more to yell about. . . it goes on and on. . .



I say put them all in some kind of security zone and let them fight it out. (and let the rest of us go on with our lives) They can continue with their "peace process," negotiating 0ne day, killing eachother the next. The news can cover the whole thing and provide instant Up to the minute coverage all day long. When some of them agree to shake hands they move back to the Peace zone. The ones who still disagree can fight it out to their hearts content. Within a month or so, everything should be settled.




BE IRIE: any other mac rooms?

MiXX MaC: Blink you still here?

MiXX MaC: blink!!!!

DolphinNYC: anybody wanna join the 12 Dolphins?

MrMoooo: 12 Dolphins?

DolphinNYC: yup

Hatchb: What is the 12 Dolphins?

MiXX MaC: <=-Dolphin Safe

Fletchis: Sup?

DolphinNYC: how can people be killing Dolphins?

DolphinNYC: fucked up world were in. . .

DolphinNYC: time for a spiritual revolootion. . .

DolphinNYC: DM

MiXX MaC: D did you have that reg #?

ID4 Fox 2: do you have any prefixes, and info?

DolphinNYC: for ray dream?


>Do i need to have a 1400 on my SAts to get in HArvard? What should I

>tell i want to major in? Should i say i am a minority or somewtihng?>

>What should i wirte about for an essay to them?



High SAT's help, but what you really need to get into the college of your choice is an idea.

Do you know who you are? Let your true self shine through your application with confidence,

honesty, and total disregard for the bullshit of the process, and Im sure you'll get into whatever college

is best for you.


If you lie about your ethnicity, you can count on being regected. . .

By the way- Harvard sucks- why would you want to go there anyway?






I accidently came across your website and was fascinated by your images

and thoughts. I am not an art critic and I am not a philosopher, so

please accept my comments as those of a user- perhaps a person you wish

to reach with your art.


Double mirrors reminds me of something I learned a long time ago from a

short essay by an unknown author titled the "Likeness of Beauty". The

premise of the essay was that symmetry, pairs, parallels, etc. represent

beauty and any disruption of this "likeness" was evil. But as we all

know, the "blip", the "hick-up", the lack of perfection is what defines

the human equation, that is, as not being an equation. I was looking for

this in your beautiful images, but missed it. If in your infinite

reflections of the boy (you?) in the mirrors one would have had his back

to us, the irony of being human would have been portrayed.


Thank you for sharing your work- it is awesome!






Im glad you enjoyed my work. The only thing that is preventing me from uploading more than a small fraction of what I have been working on is fear of people downloading/misusing the images, etc.


I found your comments very interesting. It is exactly people like you- not the establishment of art critics and intellectuals- that I am trying to reach.

If you surf through DoubleMirrors.com some more, you will find sharp contrast to the fantasy perfection you were intrigued by. (The Sarah stuff for example).

When, eventually, I post more of my writing, it will be clear that I see the world in a very dualist, yin yang perspective, where a Dolphin is perfection and without any "blips" while NYC is one big demon.

On my CD ROM, there is a 30 minute multimedia movie devoted to the depression, angst, and self destruction I witnessed (and experienced) while living in Manhattan. Indeed, the human experience- i.e. infinite energy- flows both ways. Self destruction is fueled by the same mechanism that fuels our spirits to Love.


I really did find the meaning of life. Im hoping that God will help me to publish my book soon, at which time I hope to upload it in its entirety to the Web.


Meanwhile, I suppose the fantasy world of DoubleMirrors.com serves to compensate for an otherwise frustrating real life scenerio.. .


Then again, nothing less would be appropriate considering a major goal of the site is to provide cutting edge coverage of the birth of the digital soul. .


Please spread the word.

(especially if you know any Jedi who might want to join JediNet)

(I dont usually respond in this depth, but your questions were right on the ball)


May the Force be with you,



------------------------------Wow! You are on THE wavelength!! I really am enjoying what you're doing! Yo

tap into some good food for thought for the masses! You know, I walk around

and see

so many dead people...they feel that way because they've lost that

spiritual-tip!Talk with them, and get the feeling that not only have the

LOST it, the have NO RECOLLECTION about what life is about. EVRYONE knows

as a kid, but as people grow, society and all it's poisonous LIES are

pushed down the throat; YOU have to make LARGE SUMS of money, treat others

lower than you, NOT pretending to see the guy hungry in the streetcorner.

Generally it would appear to me that many people

seem to not be a productive member of society.

From the original dwellers of the USA, the American Indian, we learn that

EVERYTHING is connected. We learn that earth is living, and everything

on/in/around it is all

put forth by God. So we are VERY MUCH cells within the organism. ANd much

like in the body everycell in-place with a purpose and mission And so I

think it's important to show thanks for all that is on the earth. We learn

to treat others with kindness and with a clear mind and clear heart....

So since all is connected then it is OUR job to 1)clean up the mess we've

made (especially post-industrial revolution!) and 2) advance ourselves as


SO with that in mind, I'd like to say thanks for helping to spread the

POSITIVE VIBE. You are very observant to see how it's ALL tied together! SO

I respect that, and want to say thanks for a job well done!! May your

techno-endeavours help to EDUCATE people and PERPETUATE the good vibe!!!!






I agree totally with about 75% of what you say.I like your whole

concept and i am in awe of your chosen role as cyber-guru.I offer my

services to you now...meager tho they are.I'm still a "newbiee" to

all the tech. stuff but i respect your desire to face the oppisition

in a "stand-up" fight on there own terms.I wish you peace and

strength thru the force and a long and victorious battle.If you have

the time please mail back i would really like to chat with you ...

it's not everyday i find sombody that deserves my respect and support.


have a good day,