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DoubleMirrors.com contains hundreds of pages, is part of the SWS network of 21 sites, a gallery of images, video, dozens of pages of writing, multimedia, and thirteen electronic music albums, so surf around, get lost, and enjoy your swim.

I DoubleMirrors.com

A.Project DoubleMirrors (A limited web version of the CD ROM Manhattan Project DoubleMirrors. Updated continually from Israel).

1) Image Gallery- Photography and digital artwork in six categories. A picture book is available for sale.

2. Soundtrack- 22 ambient/techno, dolphin/Ethiopian Woman inspired tracks from the DoubleMirrors Soundtrack, in MP3 format for free download. The album is also available for sale on iTunes, CDBaby.com, and Amazon.com.

3. Project 4.0- Five Youtube videos- a condensed version of much of the CD ROM, which featured hundreds of images in slide show format along with an original electronic soundtrack by Dylan Tauber.

4) CD ROM info on the Double Mirrors CD ROM. 400 images, a 300 page interactive book,multimedia, video, and original soundtrack. The CD ROM was released in 1999, but no longer works with current operating systems.

5) Text- excerpts from the 400 page book, Double Mirrors.

6) DoubleMirrors Books

a. DoubleMirrors Theory -The Double Mirror theory/meaning of life, was released on this site in January, 2000.

b.Ones and Zeros Theory- A theory by Dylan Tauber explaining the universe consists of only love and the absence of love, ones and zeros.

c.Books- "Double Mirrors" and "The Doorway" were published in 2001, and as two ebooks in 2013.

d.Picture book was published in 2005, containing 80 full color images from the Double Mirrors Gallery

7) DoubleMirrors home page

b. The Visionary - a page dedicated to a homeless man named David, who I photographed on the beach of Tel Aviv. He is one of the 12 Dolphins, and a visionary too.

c. New Jew- writing about the new Israeli spirit that has inspired me to move to Israel. This page features a digital collage that sums it all up.

1. NewJewNet- new as of 5/9/97. I hope to include more of my New Jew artwork. Possibly soon to be subdirectory if it picks up enough momentum.

2. Dolphinarium- Coverage of the growing spiritual waves emanating from the area of Tel Aviv beach known as the Dolphinarium. New music player for DoubleMirrors.com, remembering my Jaffa Swim.

d. Old Jew - an outdated system of rituals and worship of the past. This page features some artwork, photographs and writing.

1. OldJew.Net Here we take the project one step further and attempt to expose the lies of organized religion. (possibly soon to be a subdirectory)

e. Sarah- photographs and writing about a muse who inspired me and taught me more than I wanted to know about the NYC demon.

f. The Ethiopian Woman- a vision of the "Ethiopian Woman" has driven more for the past 4 years. Her name is Sunitayahu. . . Now accompanied by an Ethiopian Image Gallery.

g. BenGalim The sea is wher all life started. It is fitting that my spiritual life finds its fuel here as well. The waves adopted me when much of the rest of my world tossed me out. Son of Waves, one of the 12 Dolphins.

h. Dolphin Vision - more about my vision of Dolphin, spiritual messengers to humanity.

i. NYC- I spent 4 long years in NYC attending Columbia University, home of the Manhattan Project- early research on bulding the Atom Bomb.

1.Prentis- visit the actual building where this research was conducted. Spending most of my class time in this building inspired me to create a Manhattan (CD ROM) Project of my own. .

2.video of the A-bomb- infinite energy can be destructive as well!

j.Jedis- a page mostly devoted to Star Wars and Bruce Lee, a full Jedi and a very worthy role model.

k. A tribute to Prime Minister Rabin, including streaming video of his hand shake with Arafat, and an editorial published in the Columbia Spectator shortly after the assassination.

7) Multimedia- most of the multimedia on the site gathered on one page.

a. Flash- a short, flash intro to my books

b. Multimedia index- An index of multimedia on DoubleMirrors.com

c. Double Mirrors Soundtrack- The first ambient / electronica album by Dylan Tauber, MP3's available for free download. Album available for sale on iTunes and Amazon.

d. SWS Music-
Twelve ambient / electronica / trance albums by Dylan Tauber, all the MP3's available for free download. 18 Music videos as well.

e.SWS Video Index

8) 12 Dolphins- I had a vision of 12 Dolphins- cyber-spiritual warriors saving the planet and dancing on the beach in Tel Aviv. . .

9)Cyber-Spirit - cutting edge multimedia coverage of the cyber-spiritual revolution. ..

10) JediNet - A network of Jedi. (a subdirectory of DoubleMirrors.com)

11)JerusalemNet - Photographs, images, audio, and video from Jerusalem.(a subdirectory of DoubleMirrors.com)

(a subdirectory of DoubleMirrors.com)

B. DoubleMirrors.com Interaction/Updtates

1. guestbook- sign the DoubleMirrors.com guestbook, or e-mail any of hundreds of dolphin lovers, Jedi, and other DoubleMirrors folk.

2. DoubleMirrors.com News/Updates- where you can find site news, and request to be notified by e-mail when any of the major pages on DoubleMirrors.com are updated. This is also the home of the DoubleMirrors (sort of) Daily. We are looking for contributing writers. This site is always under construction, so add a bookmark and check back often!

3. Son of Waves Studios - SWS is based in Israel, and is constantly growing with new electronic music albums and more.

4. Double Mirrors Journal - A journal from Jerusalem and various islands by Dylan, Son of Waves.

5. DoubleMirrors.com link page

6. DoubleMirrors.com Chat

7. Tools- a list of the machines used to create Project Double Mirrors. From cameras to computers, to synths.

8. Links

9. DoubleMirrors.com Network -- a network of visionary artists, writers, and poets. Please join or recommend a site.

C Press and Reviews

1. Spectator: my work at the Columbia Daily Spectator as an investigative reporter and later associate editor.

2. Press and awards- Project Double Mirrors in Muse Magazine and other awards.

2. More reviews- press releases and reviews of the work of Dylan Tauber.

3. Radio Play- The music of Dylan Tauber has been featured on 98 radio stations.

4. Old projects, including a field work study on Rabbis vs. Ethiopian Jews.

5. Resume- My resume

D DoubleMirrors.com Store - Double Mirrors Soundtrack, plus seven other music albums, two books, and one picture book for sale.

II. Other SWS Sites/SWS Network:

A.DolphinNet - Digital dolphin art and photographs from my swims with dolphins.

B.303Net - Electronic music network, featuring 300 member indie musicians, MP3s, and techno/ambient. music.

C.SWStudios.net - the Son of Waves Studios site, featuring the music of Dylan Tauber.

D.Dolphin1.net - a network providing backup for various SWS sites.

E.DylanTauber.com - The art, music and writing of Dylan Tauber.

F.DylanTauber.net - A summary of Dylan Tauber's work.

G.DolphinMusic.net - Electronic music inspired by dolphins.

H.DolphinMusic.org - Dolphin Music and More.

I.WiredHermit by SWS - how to move to an island and be a digital hermit.

J.DylanDolphin.com - A new mobile friendly site, featuring the music of Dylan Tauber

K.AstralHealing.org - Bringing the astral healing centers down to earth.

L.IsraelNDE.org - Near Death Experiences in Israel.

M.12Dolphins.org - 12 Dolphins to save the planet, featuring a blog on spirituality and awareness.

N.IamTesla.org - In Honor of a great Visionary.

O.CyberArtist.net - Mobile friendly.

P.He Loves Carmen - My girlfriend from the Philippines whom I met in January 2017, inspired me to make this single, "He Loves Carmen".

Q.SonofWaves.net - Newest site to the SWS Network. The Son of Waves screenplay by Dylan Tauber, available for free download

R.SWS Network - A complete listing of all the sites and partner sites featuring the art, music, and writing of Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios.

If you have any suggestions for DoubleMirrors.com, or find any bugs, please e-mail me.

© copyright 1996-2021, all rights reserved by Dylan Tauber.

Project Double Mirrors, DoubleMirrors.com, and the SWS Network are a creation of Son of Waves Studios, Israel.

All work, unless otherwise noted, is original and protected by international copyright.

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