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what I refer to as the New Jew is by no means limited to Judaism. It is a global spiritual revolution bigger than anything humanity has witnessed for 2000 years. We are coming to a crossroad in human spiritual evolution. If this spiritual revolution does not spread to every corner of the globe, we will surely destroy ourselves and our environment completely. And for the first time in our history, we have the technology to do this. Another modern thinker with a very different background, Karl Marx, writes that technological revolution prompts social revolution. Spirituality comes from people. It is significant that the digital revolution which is now upon will be accompanied by a spiritual revolution as well. God is Great.

It was while living in Jerusalem, the city of vision quests, where I was inspired by the life and vitality of the Israeli people. This was a stark contrast to the deadness I had witnessed in among the intellectuals, doctors, and lawyers of New York. In fact, my whole life was spent among Old Jews. I went to a yeshiva in Milwaukee, WI, whose goal was to discourage college and emulate an obscure 19th century Polish Yeshiva known as Slobadka. I dropped out and became Son of Waves while living in the land of The Ethiopian Woman, discovered Dolphin, Double Mirrors, and the spirit of the New Jew. For now, I wont elaborate about the path I have taken. Not that a personal search for truth and the lessons learned aren't significant, but all this is elaborated in my 456 page book, cd rom, and web site. For now, I will focus on what I perceive as the universal truths these life experiences made me realize.

Nowhere is the spiritual evolution more apparent to me than in the transition in Judaism from Old to New Jew. I could talk about the theoretical role of Double Mirrors in groups all day, but what better way to give my words meaning than by talking about an actual society which, by means of 4,000 years of human experience has become a macrocosm of every idea I am speaking of. What better way of understanding humanity than to first examine the people that represent the overdose of humanity (i.e.. self reflection)- the Jews.


Universal New Jews

I admit that I might be an idealist. It is possible that the New Jew no longer exists en-mass in Israel. Certainly recent events such as the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin wounded this collective spirit. Perhaps the New Jew only existed for one moment, in the country's history. But a moment like this never dies. The lesson that can be learnt by spiritual revolutions like the one in Israel is universal. New Jews are Buddhist, Catholic, and Ethiopian too. Ultimately, man's perception of God is a problem greater than any religion. Old and New "Jews" can also be found hiding in Christianity, Islam, and every other religion. Moses, Mohammed, Jesus and countless other prophets might have been legitimate visionaries, but the need of the masses for a Yoda figure- an old wise man thought to possess the meaning of life- led to so much focus on the messenger that the message was lost. When all the rhetoric and dead dogma is put aside, man's vision of the infinite- God/love/truth- exists independent of organized religion, and is in fact rooted in the inherent double mirrors of our individual minds. Regardless of how each of us chooses to conduct and express our spiritual search, its ultimately goal is universal, as we are all equally trapped in our physical bodies even as we peer out at a vision of infinity and the spirituality. The debate over how to deal with this paradox is as old as our oldest historical documents, and will persist so long as we maintain our elusive vision. (Meanwhile, the chimpanzees will continue to happily chew their peanuts without being plagued with such troubles.) We must look past the shadows and follow the example set by New Jews all over the globe: by creating harmony in our souls, as well as all around us; by sacrificing for the community: and by becoming one with not only the world around us and with nature, but with ourselves. In short, we will escape the cave by revolving our lives around love. If anyone could become immortal it would be he. . . .

The question "what is Love" is no different than the question of what is God, Truth or any other word describing a metaphysical sense of harmony. But the answer lies in our very need to ask this question in the first place. It is our internal self dialogue- the self reflection- of the individual that is making this question a never ending process. As we ponder our existence, and ultimately come to know ourselves, we serve God. We are his most dependable partners in conversation, perpetuating a dialogue with Him that only stops when we forget how to love. While the path will be different for each individual, and relative to our unique mirror alignments and perceptions, the destination is absolute. Love is the same experience for us all. It is this infinite experience that unites us.

I am hopeful that my multimedia project will provide an experience more powerful than these written words. Ultimately, however, knowledge comes only from personal experience, and my project is being created with the assumption that sharing my experiences and my art with others will allow them to conclude the same truths I have. This will accomplish far more than the mere intellectualization of this essay. With God's help I will expose the lies I have seen and add harmony to the world. (I went to Yeshiva in Milwaukee with 7 crazy Rabbis, dropped out, graduated from Columbia, home of the Manhattan Project, etc. . . its all in my book) The light of truth is destined, I believe, to destroy the lies of the dark side. I will end for now with another quote from Bruce Lee, which I include to stress that Double Mirrors is just words, and like my image of Dolphins suggests, truth is ultimately found in the experience of the individual.

The irony of speaking of the New Jew in the language of the Old Jew, an intellectual essay, is extreme. So I'll escape for a moment into a personal experience I have written about in my journal:

There is a tradition in Judaism that the Jews will be the light onto the nations. This has come true on a very backward way. We have ultimately proven to the world the failure of organized religion. The spirituality of the New Jew comes from a closeness with nature, and the altruism that comes from placing the group's identity as more important than the individual's. Sacrifice for the community. It is a relationship where the interests of the self and the other are synonymous. A collective memory of suffering and holocaust has caused mass mirror's to align harmoniously and form a massive source for spirituality. An Israeli soldier during the Yom Kippur War threw himself on top of a strip of barbed wire blocking his units advance, and let the rest of the unit run over his back, I read years ago. This story inspired me- pure altruism, I said, and decided to move to Israel when I was older. When I was volunteering for the army in Israel, I was talking to a guy in my tent. He said his father was in the Yom Kippur War. I asked him what unit. "Golani," he said. I had done a lot of reading on the war and knew where each division was fighting (the Old Jew reads about the war while the New Jew fights it) "So he must have fought for Mt. Hermon," I said. The guy was surprised that I knew this and went on to tell me his father was in one of the elite units. One story his father had told him is that he had thrown himself over barbed wire and let the rest of the unit run over his back. I got those manic chills. This guy's father was the war hero I had heard about years ago. I was sure this was God telling me I was home.

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