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Dylan Tauber

Anger, fear, hatred- forces of the dark side are they.
Love/Truth is the cure for this disease.
God is Truth. Truth is love. Love is God.
God is Great.

Crying Dolphin music by Dylan Tauber:

At what point does a series of experiences, a group of atoms, a mouthful of words, and a human relationship transcendence beyond rational and logical causes and effects and into the realm of the infinite? To answer this question is to discover what makes us human, and to find the "meaning of life. " I believe I have found this answer- not because I am smarter than those who have tried before me, but because god has blessed/cursed me with enough bizarre experiences, sensitivity, obsessiveness, and self reflection to make the answers I am seeking shine to the point where they could not be ignored. Unfortunately, this truth has shined so bright, that like a man staring into a light too bright for his eyes, my brain has become somewhat blinded by the intensity of the elusive vision I am seeking. Despite my mental casualties, I hope to win this war against the demons in my head and eventually complete my vision quest. Assuming that is, that unlike most of life's worldly pursuits, my search for Love proves to be attainable, and a not just carrot at the end of a stick. . . .Without God's help I am nothing.

Dylan, Son of Waves, 1993

What if we could be like Dolphins, laughing and in the present always? What if there was a spiritual revolution going on and we didn't even know it? What if God, Jesus, the messiah, Buddha, The Great Spirit, Elvis, or what ever else we want to call Her is ringing our doorbell but we're not home? Bob Dole, Bill Clinton, O.J, McDonalds, Spray on Cheese in a can. . . is that really all there is?

Well I'm not satisfied. A 21 college grad, now working as a photographer/ multimedia guy at Virtual Jerusalem, but I have a vision quest. And a multimedia project too. I dream of becoming a New Jew / Dolphin / Full Jedi, which I believe might happen if I can somehow get published. Until then this essay and www.DoubleMirrors.com will have to do.

Here's what's on my mind. Beware while reading, the meaning of life can be a dangerous thing. . . .

Dylan, Son of Waves, Jerusalem, 1997.

Be sure to read the "Son of Waves" screenplay / short Story, by Dylan Tauber, written in northern Israel, 2018.

"Son of Waves" written on the sand in Haifa, Israel, in English and Hebrew, March, 2019.

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