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In Depth Project Double Mirrors CD-ROM Review, by Jonathan M. Hamlow added 9/26/03

"I don't know how to begin this. Your project took my breath away. I got tears in my eyes as I found the treasures you have given to all...." "Dylan--You are the Son of Waves.... You bring to us a wondrous gift, and you offer it in many ways. I believe teaching involves stimulating all senses --at least that is how I teach. You are the future for communicating to others. You simply understand something most of us do not. And you apply you knowledge with the talents God gave you in a magical way. I am deeply moved by the soul and grace I feel in your project. ... You, my Son of Waves, will be the teacher for many people. Not all of them will be able to understand what it is that you have to offer. That is okay. You will be a planter of seeds, and many of those seeds will grow into beautiful blooming masterpieces.For those of us who can listen, your talents and the touch of a poet that fills your soul offer many joyous experiences." Lynn, an early viewer of Project Double Mirrors.

Reviewer: Muse Magazine, 1996
"Vincant Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo were not alone in their torment over heart-wrenching lovers. Their work, like Dylan Tauber's, speaks of love, depression, and suffering in ways that feel altogether genuine. "Dylan has pursued his vision quest with quixotic verve. . .The beginning of Double Mirrors has the following warning: "This CD-ROM contains the meaning of life." He is convinced it will be a bestseller. "Dylan hopes to publish Project Double Mirrors so that he can retire to Israel, where he will meet his current imagined muse: The Ethiopian Woman. Israel also holds his other muses: the dolphins of the Mediterranean Sea ("Dylan" in Welsh means "Son of Waves") and the "visionary," a man named David who roams the beaches of Tel Aviv and with whom Dylan felt a strong connection upon their meeting. Each of the Israeli muses comprises its own "movie" in Project Double Mirrors. "Sarah also has her own movie. . . the phone message [Sarah left] fades in and out, as does the slow [ambient music] A slide show of images fade to and from the screen: an innocent, half smiling Sarah laying on her back with head tilted to the viewer; a Saran wrapped Sarah applying lipstick; a dressed Sarah putting on a fake pearl necklace that Dylan loved; a nude Sarah clenching a sheet behind her as she stands like the crucified Jesus ("Jesus," wrote Dylan. "Only prettier."). There is a viciously-smiling Sarah with her spiked heel lunged at the viewer's face; the heel inches closer and closer to the front of the screen, towards the viewer. And in the end, there is a Sarah with a cat's head.... "Dylan's time with Sarah was an inspiration not only for his multimedia project, but also for what he considered an individual spritual evolution. For Dylan, Sarah embodied New York City. "I come here and I feel like I get trampled on," he said. "This is not a good place for spiritual people, it is a spiritual void. I feel like a dolphin in a swimming pool." For him, the cat's head on Sarah's body represented an encounter with deadness. "I failed," he said- "I wanted to bring her deadness to life.". .. He reclled a moment at a diner during which Sarah provoked him to utter that lurking of all questions. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Dylan said nothing instead. Now, he speaks of Sarah in technical terms. She comprises just 350 megabytes of his seven gigabyte computer, a [single section] in the world of experiences he since has had that comprise his Project Double Mirrors CD ROM. "More important to Dylan is his "vision quest," a pursuit to share the meaning of life he realized through trips between New York and Israel during the past four years: "But what I really want to wake up every single person out there in this cave of ours who's been victimized by the lies, fear, and hatred that saturate our society . .. We must put an end to organized religions, oppressive governments, and every other institution that spreads human suffering. But more than that we must Love. Free love isnt some slogan from the sixties. It is the only thing that wil keep humanity from destroying itself." "Dylan has worked on the CD ROM Project Double Mirrors since [October, 1995]. . . . But the past few months have been like torture. For him, knowing the meaning of life and having it all but fall on deaf, unwilling ears has been unbearable. . . " Muse Magazine, May 1996

Reviewer: John E. Milbery Lewisville, Tx USA

I love the art work in Project Double Mirrors. Dylan Tauber's work on "Sarah" is great. My compliments to the chef!

Reviewer: Marco richmond, va USA
Dylan, Love your [project]. I too have discovered the beauty of the Ethiopian woman and I too desire to marry one. I met my first in College and have been hooked ever since. One day I hope to visit Israel and experience the country and the Ethiopian Judaeic culture.

Loved it. This has been my favorite site for over a year now. The Soundtrack is very very spectacular. I don't really even consider your site a website; it's an experience...

I have downloaded the places in your Double's a neat place, Dylan. I have told my mother about you... she loves you; thinks you are precious. She may be going to Jerusalem herself someday soon, ...I know she wants to...she said she'd look for you dancing on the beach in Tel Aviv! My mother is one of the Rare an organized "religion" yet has come to the deepest meaning...Her own. She was sorry to hear that [they] wanted to intellectualize your...theory...(pardon me)....she said..."that's Columbia..." She has deep compassion for your Plight...(our plight....- anyone's plight to chase to the True Spirit)....a rare Christian indeed. "is he a prophet?" she asked.... My mother knows the bible inside and out...about the history..."factual" stuff... I myself do not...all I know is what I have come to inherently...inately... "you would know better than I", I told her, "but he speaks a thread of Truth that is common to us all - if only all knew it. Dylan's own sacred metaphor will ring a loud Truth to those who could not relate to the metaphors before. He has tapped his cap and is using all the Gifts that God gave him... to help others recognize that path within that will lead them to what he has found.... We each have our own unique way of expressing to others the Spirit we have found...that is our unique gift from God...our tools to get the message out. And Dylan is really using all of his...." She said "Glory"

Reviewer: Dylan
Hi. "WOW" is the only word I can find to describe your doublemirrors site, the music is great, the pictures, the text, I have seen many a site and none equals yours in my mind... I share some of your feelings, about that we must show people what they are doing to their world, their only world.. I like orcas more, but I find looking them in the eye, either orca or dolphins they see what most do not, and like some of you, allow you to see as they do, with a clarity like nothing else.... I'm a student (15 yrs old) finishing high school.. Maybe talk to you again soon.. Steven

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