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1/1/00 - Double Mirror Theory uploaded.

Double Mirror Theory



Due to the extreme sensitivity of what I refer to as the Double Mirror theory, the summary of this metaphor has been omited from Until now. . .

 4/99 - The Double Mirror Theory was included on the Project Double Mirrors CD ROM- released for Mac and PC.

Double Mirrors is not only the meaning of life, but promises to change the way we think of God, Humanity, and the evolution of the CyberSpirit. 

When the time is right, I will upload the theory as well as my entire book (and God willing get a publishing deal too!)

And the evolution from Turtle to Dolphin will be complete.

Double Mirrors Soundtrack

2013 - Double Mirrors e-book for $2.99:

Download "Double Mirrors" eBook

 if you want to hear more, please e-mail me.

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