12 Dolphins
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 1. Dr John Weil- location: Brookline, MA. path: Mentor, child healer, His spirit lives on.
2. David the Visionary -location: Tel Aviv, Israel path: beach dweller, visionary, Jedi Master
3. Mitch - location:NYC path: computer network specialist, unix programer, stock trader
 4. Sierra web site: DivineDolphin.com path: Dolphin, spiritual guide
 5. Barbara Mori web site: DelfinWeb.org path: Dolphin
 6. Ethiopian girl (Meirav)location:Ashdod, Israelpath: SpokesModel
7. Sandra- location:NYCpath: poet, pianist, Reikei Master
8.  Celia location: France/NYC/Eilat, Israel; occupation: dolphin, fashion model e-mail
 9. Glenn Manglona web site: Pacific Sounds album path: island musician
10. Melissa location: Los Angelos, CA occupation: poet/actress, artist, Dolphin
11. Little Dolphin (Rose), location:NYC/Miami, FL/Florida Keys path: dolphin trainer
12.  Dylan, Son of Waves - location: Jerusalem, several islands path: Digital Artist, photographer, ambient/electronica musician, writer, Crying Dolphin. Attempting to: Communicate Double Mirrors, evolve to Full Dolphin/Jedi, and Find The Ethiopian Woman.e-mail

non-active/missing members-
  • ANdrew *
  • Dusty - Martial Arts Champion, Jedi Warrior, fellow Crying Dolphin , Fury
  • Danimultimedia artist
  • Ray- location:NYCpath: computer animation artist (married to Sandra)
  • David- missing in action

    This list is alive and will surely flow as new teams of 12 are added, creating infinite chain reactions of God/love/truth...

    it is constantly seeking not only true Dolphins, but

    Dolphin Jedis eager to save the world.

    The day that the 12 Dolphins gather for a beach party in Tel Aviv-

    is the day of the infinite regression of Love!


    if you think you or someone you know might be one of the 12 Dolphins, please e-mail me immediately!

    The Rebel Alliance needs YOU!

    Contact 12Dolphins

    Please visit the Friends of Double Mirrors, who have helped make this all possible.

    God/Love/Truth is waiting. . .

    Bruce Lee- role model

    Abraham, Plato, Jesus - prophets (but lets not focus on them but rather the moon they were pointing too)

    Welcome to the 12 Dolphins headquarters.


    Suffice it to say, for now, that this thing is gonna be big. Much bigger than me, my ego, or any individual. The 12 Dolphins are 12 young, free spirits who will help start a cyber-spiritual revolution through digitally empowered information. Digital artists, writers, poets whatever. Our common bond is our desire to prevent our species from self destructing by communicating an atomic explosion of Love and Truth. Our weapons in this battle are our minds, our spirits, our computers, and an inspiration from Jedis who have come before us. Some of us might laugh, (through riding the waves of laughter we become dolphins) others will take this very seriously. But one thing is certain. The union of 12 Dolphin/Jedis with this digital arsenal will surely be a powerful catalyst in the coming revolution.


    suggested research:

    -The Star Wars Trilogy
    -Terminator 1, an II
    -the rest of the links on the Double Mirrors home page


    It's us or the cockroaches.

    The DoubleMirrors.com Network-join now.

    Attention Webmasters- If you are a digital artist, photographer, writer, or own a site that is helping to start an atomic reaction of human/cyber spirit, you are invited to join the DoubleMirrors.com Network.

    For more info on DoubleMirrors.com, The Double Mirrors Network, 12 Dolphins, DolphinNet.org, JediNet, or Son of Waves Studios,

    we are actively seeking qualified individuals in the following positions:

    [Electronic musician] [Digital artist] [Programmer] [Public Relations] [Dolphin]

    Are You With me?! ! HIYA!!!

    May the Force be with you,

    Dylan, Son of Waves

    "It will happen when 12 Dolphins dance on the beach in Tel Aviv . . ."


    God is Great!

    Without God's help I'm nothing.

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