Melissa McBride

Infinite Dolphin Princess of the Deep . . .

When she sent me her Gif, I sent this back to her,

That is what I saw. . .God bringing 2 Dolphins together is truly a miracle.

I just hope I can learn to shut up though. . .

Music by Dylan Tauber:



Her voice is a crackle in my head

It is a whisper in my mind

It is a faint song that lulls me

and if I listen She will echo the Truth of Time


Her breath is a whit that floats all around

It is the very Sweetness that sustains me

It is the Breeze that soothes my Soul

and if I mount it She will Take me


Her touch is a burn that binds me

It is a feather down my spine

It is a mouth so dry it crumbles

and if I drink it Her touch is wine


Her eyes are pools of silvery hue

They are the opulence that lights my way

they are forever daunting and mysterious

and if I dive into them She will drift me away


Her Wisdom is the nymph that lures my tongue

Her Spirit - a dream from which I hope to never wake

Her Nature is a furious storm beckoning me

and if I Enter It I will gently break



© Melissa McBride , 1994


Melissa McBride, one of the 12 Dolphins, no doubt.

If you would like to e-mail concerning the 12 Dolphins,

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Melissa now plays Carol on "The Walking Dead" 2010 - 2016. Here is a link to her on Wikipedia

I wish I had Melissa's Mother's e-mail too- this is what she had to say about my project:


Date: Sun, Nov 24, 1996 5:54 PM EDT

From: CRAdle11

Subj: thank you!

To: DolphinNYC


I've been trying to catch up on sleep (when I can)... how 'bout yourself?

I have downloaded the places in your Double's a neat place, Dylan.

I have told my mother about you... she loves you; thinks you are precious.

She may be going to Jerusalem herself someday soon, ...I know she wants to...she said she'd look for you dancing on the beach in Tel Aviv! My mother is one of the Rare an organized "religion" yet has come to the deepest meaning...Her own.

She was sorry to hear that your father wanted to intellectualize your...theory...(pardon me)....she said..."that's Columbia..." She has deep compassion for your Plight...(our plight....- anyone's plight to chase to the True Spirit)....a rare Christian indeed. "is he a prophet?" she asked.... My mother knows the bible inside and out...about the history..."factual" stuff... I myself do not...all I know is what I have come to inherently...inately... "you would know better than I", I told her, "but he speaks a thread of Truth that is common to us all - if only all knew it. Dylan's own sacred metaphor will ring a loud Truth to those who could not relate to the metaphors before. He has tapped his cap and is using all the Gifts that God gave him... to help others recognize that path within that will lead them to what he has found.... We each have our own unique way of expressing to others the Spirit we have found...that is our unique gift from God...our tools to get the message out. And Dylan is really using all of his...."

She said "Glory"

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