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11-1-99 -book preview has been released for free download.

2002 - 2 volume book project published
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In the summer of 1994, just at the time I was starting to make electronic music and began Project Double Mirrors, I met a dancer in a club in NYC, named Sarah. She was also a music promoter who promoted for Nine Inch Nails / Trent Reznor. I photographed her, and she told me I should buy a sampler. I walked across the street to Sam Ash music store in Times Square and bought an XP-50 and music studio gear. I was then also studying electronic music, photography, and writing at Columbia University, and was the summer associate editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator. Shortly later, I finished building my first home music and multimedia studio in a small Manhattan apartment on 14th st.

Sarah's Voice Mail Music by Dylan Tauber:


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