The Project Double Mirrors CD-ROM (©1996, release 1999)contains hundreds of original digital images, photographs, animation, video, and ambient/techno music, inspired by Ethiopian Women, Dolphins, virtual visionaries, the Manhattan Project, and cyber-spiritual revolution. It runs for over 2 hours, and is fully interactive. It is no longer available for sale due to the fact that it does not run on most current operating systems. is the internet evolution of this project, and in honor of's 15TH ANNIVERSARY, 1996-2011, The entire Double Mirrors Soundtrack is available for free MP3 download, and much of the photography, art and music featured on the CD-ROM is now available in 5 Youtube videos- just click on the play buttons on each video below. The Double Mirrors Soundtrack album is available on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music too. 12 more albums, and 28 music videos by Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios, are available as well.

 Project Double Mirrors 4.0: Five Youtube Video Slide Shows:

Please let me know what you think of the Project Double Mirrors videos on Youtube.

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