Prentis, the building where they built the bomb, Columbia University. . .

I spent 2 years taking classes in this building at 125th st and Broadway, in the middle of Harlem, Manhattan. Sculpture, clay modelling, building a house. . . even a MIDI electronic music class.

It was also the first building where I showed Project Double Mirrors, in the form of a CD ROM, to several shocked Professors. It was me vs. this building- the Manhattan Project culminating in mass destruction 50 years ago (I was there in '93-'96) and my own Manhattan Project , which I dream of leading to infinite truth. An energy that builds off itself much like an Atom Bomb.

The infinite energy of Love, had only been safely guarded by the sun and stars, fission energy that Man could only understand with myths for thousands of years . . . Until the half blind and false messiah we call Science harnessed this force into an Atom Bomb. Were we really reaching out to the stars? It was more like an inwards collapse into the darkest depths of human self destruction. Science has failed. Organized Religion has failed. Our last hope is the vast potential in the digital revolution and creation of a global village to finally bring peace to our planet.

Either we start to Love, or the cockroaches will be all that is left. . .

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