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Welcome to the Cyber-Spiritual Revolution.

February / 1997
Greetings from Jerusalem, home of spiritual revolution. I'm Dylan, Son of Waves, a cyber-artist / photographer / writer/ multimedia guy bringing you live coverage of the evolution of the Cyber-Spirit.

Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Witchcraft, and countless other religions have been around for ages. They are from the pre-Digital era of Man's spiritual quest. We will instead focus on the new religious thought and experience that is not merely adapted for the internet, but inspired by it. The line between creator / teacher/ priest and listener/student/follower will quickly blur, as we discover the web is turning into a cycle of energy building off itself. Users and surfers, 5 minutes later are writing e-mails and making their own pages. We are all suddenly equals, and the hierarchy known in organized religions of old is obsolete. Gigabytes of Harmony, light, and Truth are spreading through the digital domain at a pace we will be able to sample at best. Rave, techno shamnism, First Church of CyberSpace, my own Project Double Mirrors, networks of spirit oriented sites like Spirit Web, artists on the web spreading cyber-spiritual themes, even chat places on the web like WBS's spirituality room. The list of spiritual spaces on the internet goes on and on- when it comes down to it, a search for the cyber-spirit would have to pay attention to every smile : -) and {{{{{{{****}}}}}} hug in every e-mail and web/online service chat- ones and zeros that would be hard to separate from their spiritual content.

Here at we are in your face with a loud kiup. No professors or priests-- we don't have time to for confession (and it doesnt matter how many Pamela Anderson photos you download). As we explore the cyber-spirit, its gonna be one heck of a hardcore trip full of Love/Light and hardcore cyber-truth from the depths of the digital soul.

In addition to sites featuring cyber-spirituality, we will look at essays and thought surrounding the issue of the merging of humanity and technology, which is the context in which the cyber-spirit exists. We realize there is little to gain from getting intellectual (experience is the true teacher), but understand that the big picture is important. From cyborgs, cloning, and other efforts to manipulate the human animal, to research on artificial intelligence, we will look at science's quest to merge humans and computers from both directions, and search for reaction among the web's growing consciousness.

This page will feature the most potent doses of cyber-spiritual experience the world wide web has to offer.

The new millennium is almost here, along with a triumphant blast of truth, which will not be heard unless we listen. We will surf and allow the sites to speak for themselves. My job is only to point you to the waves. And believe me, a tidal wave is coming.

The digital revolution has the potential of bringing people together on a universal level. The opportunity is here to spread peace, love, understanding, and truth as fast as 70 million pairs of hands all over this planet can type. Never before has such an opportunity existed.

And perhaps the need for such an opportunity has never before so great.

Welcome to the cyber-Spiritual Revolution.

Background on me:

God has recently sent me on a wave to Jerusalem, away from my tiny studio apartment in the East Village, NYC, home of demons and the Manhattan Project. I spent 4 years in NYC with the goal of trying to save the Old Jew by expressing the truth I had seen after a vision quest in Jerusalem when I was 18. And I couldn't have been in a better place for the job- Columbia University, capitol of the Old Jew, and where scientists conducted research on the A Bomb. Under the disguise of a student studying visual arts (photography), I acquired experience as a news paper investigative reporter- 2 years writing for the Columbia Daily Spectator and associate editor for the summer '94 edition. But I got messed up by 3 crazy doctors and 3 crazy dentists, and soon found that it was easier to talk about my vision quest to strippers and homeless people than the people who needed to hear about it most. . . The war was raging and I was getting crushed from all sides. . . time for major digital reinfocrments. God sent me a PowerMac and a couple of keyboards. . . and whispered in my ear that thing about Columbia building the bomb. So I decided to make a Manhattan Project of my own- a CD ROM Multimedia Project full of digital multimedia, images, synthesizer ambient/ trance music, and a 400 page interactive book. An explosion of truth.

I burnt the Beta Copy 1.0 of Project Double Mirrors on Jan 1 1996. God is Great.

The year of the Multimedia Project is over. On January 1, 1997 12 Dolphin angels escorted me to Jerusalem where I pray to God I will continue along the path he has shown me. A wonderful destiny is unfolding, the cyber-spiritual revolution has begun. Star Wars is back, The New Jew lives, and a Tidal Wave of Love is upon us. . . or else complete annihilation. . . its up to us.. .. Either we start to Love or the cockroaches will inherit the earth.

And oh yeah-- Star Wars is back!!!!!!

Calling All Jedi -- The revolution is Now!!



These days I work at Virtual Jerusalem, and make techno music. With God's help I'll have the Jerusalem Techno album done by this summer. Without God's help, I am nothing. I pray that this Force will help me do my job-- become a Dolphin messenger from the dreamland world of cyber-spiritual revolution, evolve into Full Jedi, and marry The Ethiopian Woman known as Sunitayahu.

Its gonna be tough- I'm still a slow typer. . .

No I did not escape from the Center for Jerusalem Syndrome/wannabe digital messiahs. I'm actually doing this work (publicizing the cyber-spiritual revolution) already in the form of a 400 page book/ CD ROM project/ Web Site, entitled Project Double Mirrors. is full of my digital artwork of Dolphins and Virtual Visionaries, multimedia, electronic music, and excerpts from my book. I also keep busy with JediNet- my effort to create a global network of cyber-Jedi, and DolphinNet, a network of Dolphin lovers, also featuring a gallery of my digital art created from photographs taken while swimming with Dolphins in the Red Sea.

After dropping out of a yeshiva in Milwaukee who's main goal was to convince its students they were in Slobadka/Poland, I studied at Hebrew University, Jerusalem when I was 18 and had a vision quest. At Columbia I studied Visual Arts in the building where they conducted the Manhattan Project, early research on the bomb. I spent a year building my own Manhattan Project- an Atom Bomb of truth/Love in the form of a CD ROM, which was featured in the May issue of Muse magazine. I moved to Jerusalem on January 1 of this year where I am searching for an elusive Ethiopian Woman named Sunitayahu. The quest goes on.

I'm currently working on Project Double Mirrors (the meaning of life) and doing professional multimedia production work for Virtual Jerusalem. My digital artwork and photography, and most of my life these days, revolve around the birth of the digital soul.

I will try to make sure that this page is updated frequently and serves as kickass coverage of the cyber-spiritual revolution. In addition to a comprehensive list of the best links I can find, I will write a summary of recent developments- from the return of Star Wars to cloning. God has blessed me with a message. But an idea is worth little if it is not heard. . .

Bottom Line- With God's help I will do a better job of guiding you through the world of the cyber-spirit than anybody short of Cyborg Moses armed with a modem.

Please e-mail me your feedback, ideas, and suggestions of sites we should include on our tour. The cyber-spiritual revolution is a chain reaction that feeds off a group effort, so lets get busy!

May the Force be with you.

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