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Some of the comments that have really helped me continue down the path I refer to as the communication of DoubleMirrors (including several from members of the 12 Dolphins).

Without God's help I'm nothing.


Date: Sun, Nov 24, 1996 5:54 PM EDT

Subj: thank you!

To: DolphinNYC


I've been trying to catch up on sleep (when I can)... how 'bout yourself?

I have downloaded the places in your Double's a neat place, Dylan.

I have told my mother about you... she loves you; thinks you are precious.

She may be going to Jerusalem herself someday soon, ...I know she wants to...she said she'd look for you dancing on the beach in Tel Aviv! My mother is one of the Rare an organized "religion" yet has come to the deepest meaning...Her own.

She was sorry to hear that your father wanted to intellectualize your...theory...(pardon me)....she said..."that's Columbia..." She has deep compassion for your Plight...(our plight....- anyone's plight to chase to the True Spirit)....a rare Christian indeed. "is he a prophet?" she asked.... My mother knows the bible inside and out...about the history..."factual" stuff... I myself do not...all I know is what I have come to inherently...inately... "you would know better than I", I told her, "but he speaks a thread of Truth that is common to us all - if only all knew it. Dylan's own sacred metaphor will ring a loud Truth to those who could not relate to the metaphors before. He has tapped his cap and is using all the Gifts that God gave him... to help others recognize that path within that will lead them to what he has found.... We each have our own unique way of expressing to others the Spirit we have found...that is our unique gift from God...our tools to get the message out. And Dylan is really using all of his...."

She said "Glory"


Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 18:27:32 +0000

From: Andrew <>



Subject: DM Home Page



Hey it's me, Andrew (Natgirl11 on AOL). This is my only true account,

and I check it often so write to me here. This is a very interesting

home page you have here. Two things: you have a spelling mistake on the

page about Bruce Lee: Second paragraph: teh=the. Also, you're starting

to scare me, I'm beginning to think that you're Jesus! Also, you're

ideas seem to be valid, but how are people in this world going to make

pilgramages to Israel? I'd really like to read your book.

Where's your picture of Leah?






Thankyou for visiting Project Double Mirrors.


The scary thing is that I used to think Im Jesus too! Not anymore though.

We ALL have a messiah inside of us waiting to come out. . .


Hopefully a spiritual project on the web might be enough to start a chain reaction, and awake the spirits in people all over the world.


you can find a list of the 12 Dolphins at

click on her name (Melissa).

please do not download any images from the site, or tell about it to anyone you dont have a good vibe about. . .

True I cant trust every 15 year old, but I can trust my intuition.

Trust no one, but never doubt yourself or God/Love/truth.

I hope we can work together. . .


Dylan, Son of Waves




X-POP3-Rcpt: dylan@icelink

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 01:17:50 +0000

From: Andrew <>


Organization: Home

MIME-Version: 1.0

To: Dylan Tauber <>

Subject: Re: DM Home Page


I know you can't take my word, and I wouldn't ethier if I was in your

position, but you can trust me. I'll tell you this now though, I'm

changing from destroying to creating (programming).

Send me the battle-plan for 12D.





Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 01:35:31 -0500


Subject: Web Site


Hey D I am so impressed. What a beautiful thing you created. Amazing.

Now I understand you even better. Gosh that is awesome. I couldn't move around in it. I'm glad I copied it. I will play with it tomorrow and see what is wrong with my computer --why the whole picture wasn't on my screen.


X-POP3-Rcpt: dylan@icelink


Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 17:09:40 -0500


Subject: Double Mirrors


I don't know how to begin this. Your project took my breath away. I got

tears in my eyes as I found the treasures you have given to all those online.

Dylan--You are the Son of Waves. I understand so much now, after asking all

those silly questions of you, now they seem very ignorant of me. I can't

express to you how much our friendship means. You are a gift I have been

blessed with. I understand little about your nightmares, but enough maybe to

tell you this. As parents we try to say and do things to help our children

have a good life --we don't necessarily understand what that means though.

Your father, no doubt loves you. But, loving and understanding you and your

talents are two very different things. We are not all evolved in our

spirituality to understand those like you, for you offer so much in a world

that often gives pain.

You bring to us a wondrous gift, and you offer it in many ways. I

believe teaching involves stimulating all senses --at least that is how I

teach. You are the future for communicating to others. You simply

understand something most of us do not. And you apply you knowledge with the

talents God gave you in a magical way. I am deeply moved by the soul and

grace I feel in your project. It greatly reflects a son's I am just

beginning to know, yet maybe have known all my life. We are destined to meet

people who will teach us and guide us in creating a better life, a better

world. You, my Son of Waves, will be the teacher for many people. Not all

of them will be able to understand what it is that you have to offer. That

is okay. You will be a planter of seeds, and many of those seeds will grow

into beautiful blooming masterpieces.

For those of us who can listen, your talents and the touch of a poet

that fills your soul offer many joyous experiences. I love you Son of Waves.

I am both proud to be your friend and amazed at your talent and you soul.

: )




love, L


I deserve little of your praise. . . without God's help Im nothing.


And with his help I'll publish my project soon!


Thankyou for visiting project Double Mirrors.



may the Force be with you,

Dylan, Son of Waves




Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. Been really crazy. We really must be in close contact though. I'm moving to JeRuSaLem on Jan 1, appropriately, where, with God' help I will do my share to start the revolution. And what better place to be for this mission than the city of vision quests where men have been undergoing this journey for thousands of years!


There really isnt a plan for the 12 Dolphins yet. This is so early in the evolution.

But there are things you can do to help.

1. help publicize - tell your friends, etc

2. Im not sure how good your skills are, but try this on for size:

I need to get George Lucas' e-mail address! Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)too.


Funny thing is that I know people who have access to both. But neither has helped me yet. The woman that knows George Lucas tells me she thinks he will want to make a movie out of Double Mirrors. . .

Can you help?

George Lucas is, no doubt, a Jedi/Prophet. What better way to get Double Mirrors out there than with the help of the creator of Star Wars, the bible of our times.


There is so much I haven't told you yet. Most importantly, the actual theory of the DouBle MiRRorS, which is sooo sensitive, I have not put it on the web site yet.


Suffice it to say, for now, that this thing is really HUGE. Much bigger than me, my ego, or any individual. The 12 Dolphins are 12 young, free spirits who will help this mesage get out there. We will start a spiritual revolution through digitaly empowered information. Digital artists, writters, poets whatever. Our common bond is our desire to prevent our species from self destructing by communicating an atomic explosion of Love and Truth. Our weapons in this battle are our minds, our spirits, our computers, and an inspiration from jedis who have come before us. Some of us might laugh, (through riding the waves of laughter we become dolphins) others will take this very seriously. But one thing is certain. The union of 12 Dolphin/Jedis with this arsenol will surely be powerful enough to be a catalyst in the comming revolution.


suggested research:

The Star Wars Trilogy

Terminator 1, an II

the rest of the links on the Double Mirrors home page


Its us or the cockroaches.


If you would like to join us, send a reply to this e-mail with "Join!" in the body of the message.


Visit the 12Dolphins home page at:






Thankyou Andrew, for with this letter, I have written the seed which will eventually be the Decleration of the 12 Dolphins.

And by the way- I do trust you. If we cant trust eachother, who can we trust?


ArE YoU WiTh mE?! ! HiYA!!!!!! : O





May the Force be with you,

Dylan, Son of Waves


"It will happen when 12 Dolphins dance on the beach in Tel Aviv . . ."




WitHouT God's HeLp I'm NotHinG



BE IRIE: any other mac rooms?

MiXX MaC: Blink you still here?

MiXX MaC: blink!!!!

DolphinNYC: anybody wanna join the 12 Dolphins?

MrMoooo: 12 Dolphins?

DolphinNYC: yup

Hatchb: What is the 12 Dolphins?

MiXX MaC: <=-Dolphin Safe

Fletchis: Sup?

DolphinNYC: how can people be killing Dolphins?

DolphinNYC: fucked up world were in. . .

DolphinNYC: time for a spiritual revolootion. . .

DolphinNYC: DM

MiXX MaC: D did you have that reg #?

ID4 Fox 2: do you have any prefixes, and info?

DolphinNYC: for ray dream?





>Do i need to have a 1400 on my SAts to get in HArvard? What should I

>tell i want to major in? Should i say i am a minority or somewtihng?>

>What should i wirte about for an essay to them?



High SAT's help, but what you really need to get into the college of your choice is an idea.

Do you know who you are? Let your true self shine through your application with confidence,

honesty, and total disregard for the bullshit of the process, and Im sure you'll get into whatever college

is best for you.


If you lie about your ethnicity, you can count on being regected. . .

By the way- Harvard sucks- why would you want to go there anyway?





"WOW" is the only word I can find to describe your doublemirrors site,

the music is great, the pictures, the text, I have seen many a site and none equals yours in my mind...

I share some of your feelings, about that we must show people what they are doing to their world, their only world..

I like orcas more, but I find looking them in the eye, either orca or dolphins they see what most do not, and like some of you, allow you to see as they do, with a clarity like nothing else....


I'm a student (15 yrs old) finishing high school..


Maby talk to you again soon..



Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 18:04:32 -0400 (EDT) To:

From: ()

Subject: WWW Form Submission


soundtrack comments: Loved it. This has been my favorite site for over a year now. The Soundtrack is very very spectacular. I don't really even consider your site a website; it's an experience...


Overall: 5 - very good

sound quality: 5 - very good

Speed: 5 - very good

A tribute to Dr. John Weil, who's thousands of comments have given me the strength and inspiration to continue in my effort to overcome all demons. His spirit lives on. This Project is dedicated in his memory.

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Without God's help Im nothing.

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