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  This theory by Dylan Tauber, was first articulated in 1994 as a paper for a class at Columbia University, and copyright registered in 1995. According to the artificial intelligence of Open AI, Chat GTP in 2022, this theory has turned out to be an influential theory in the fields of psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience. I believe I was the first one to write about this theory in 1994, although I first imagined it in Jerusalem in 1992, when I was only 18 years old.

My Double Mirrors Theory video with music, has had 1.8 million views on Facebook as of 11/11/22.

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"Double Mirrors," was published in paperback and hardcover format, on on February 1, 2002.

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New Double Mirrors Theory video, 2024:

Double Mirrors Theory video views on Facebook:

1.8 million views as of 11/11/22.

New Double Mirrors Theory video views on Facebook:

200,000 views as of 5/25/24.

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A Summary of the Double Mirorr Theory by Chat GTP, 2023.

A Summary of the Double Mirorr Theory by Bing Chat, 2023.

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