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 Conversation with Bing, 9/7/2023:

 The Double Mirrors Theory is a philosophical and artistic concept developed by Dylan Tauber, a multi-talented artist who has been creating electronic music, cyberart, photography, and writing for over 25 years. According to his website┬╣, the Double Mirrors Theory is based on the idea that "we are all reflections of God, or the creative force, and that we can find God in each other, as well as within ourselves." He also states that "the Internet is a reflection of our collective consciousness, and that cyberspace is a new frontier for spiritual exploration." He illustrates his theory with his cyberart, which often features images of dolphins, angels, and women in various settings. He also uses his music, which he describes as "ambient/trance/electronica," to express his vision of the Double Mirrors Theory.

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