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---Archive of Double Mirrors (sort of) Daily---


Summer is almost over, so DoubleMirrors.com is in sprint mode. Real Audio has been added all over the place, a new gallery with new catagories, and photos of Ethiopian women. What more could you ask for?

I have a bad feeling about August 29. Energy flows both ways, so Im hoping to mail Double Mirrors, the book, to a serious agent fro the first time on Aug 28. One day before moving to Israel, on Dec 31, I mailed the book to an agent,who turned out to be a scam. I didnt pay the bullshit fee they wanted.

Im going to try to add more updates to this "Daily" (which as of now is still a joke). Im thinking I might start some kind of retrospect and put up journal entries from the last 3 year. . but the present is a good place to start:

Today, I enjoyed a quite Jerusalem Saturday afternoon on my balcony with my powerbook 5300c (when you have to save the world, make sure you have the right computer, yeah that one)

Yesterday, I was in dolphin mode. I drove to Tel Aviv- to the end of the beach known as the dolphinarium. After squezzing my way through the mass of frolicking Israelis/90's hippies who gather there on teh weekends to beat drums/tablas, and look good, I walked to the end of the strip of rocks, carrying only my fins and a towel, and my small blue backpack (the one with the Ranger Rick patch on it- Ive had it since I was 5.)

My goal is to swim from there to the neighboring town of Jaffa. Its a long swim, but Ive been thinking this would be a good test to pass as I try to become a full DOlphin/Jedi.

So after helping myself to some pita and mineral water, I was off.

Sure enough halfway there, I was getting a cramp (shouldnt have eaten right before the swim). . Im more comfortable in the water myslef than I am on dry land with people, so I wasnt worried. If I was in real trouble, a dolphin would probably help me out.

The sound of a Jetski was the only sign of life nearby.

Out of nowhere I saw a beach I didnt even know exsited. This was the furthest I had swam (around halfway to Jaffa) in this direction, and I was definitely gettting tired. So i swam ashore. . the surf was pretty strong near the beach, and the lifeguards were keeping everyone close. And here I come charging in with a kiup breast stroke,mirror goggles, and fins pumping dolphin style, out of nowhere.

It was funny shit. . like in the movies where the shiprecked sea captain swims to some desert island and collapses on the sand.

It turned out to be a mostly Arab beach. . women with black robes and white head scrafs. . a few scary looking guys with beards. .welcome to the Middle East. Doubt anybody around here has been to Yahoo recently.

After a nice rest, I swam back to the Dolphinarium, and unfortuanntly had to rejoin the "real world" or more accurately, the insanity which for some reason has been agreed upon.

All in all, it was a kickass swim. I cant wait to make it to jaffa!


historical note- swimming to me is holy. As a Son of Waves, this should not be a surprise. Spirituality is a force that tends to build off itself. Bruce Lee wrote that if an athlete was able to tap into this force, his/her physical limitations would be literally infinite.

When I was at Columbia, a year ago, I was a half credit short of graduating without my lap swim class. The first day I told the instructer I would swim 100 laps straight by the end of the semester. he looked at me like i was nuts (it was the year of my CD ROM multimedia project, and i wasnt in exactly superman shape.)Sure enough, the 2nd to last day of the class, I woke up extra early, took the 1 train uptown (I was living at 14th and 1st) and swam 101 laps.

God is Great.


See you in Jaffa : )


DoubleMirrors.com has been growing rapidly,thank God, hits doubling every two months. Please help spread the word!

Do you want to hear more of my ramblings? Let me know!

Dylan, Son of Waves

---Archive of Double Mirrors (sort of) Daily---