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 Profile of a digital Dolphin/Jedi:

Dylan Tauber is an award winning and visionary electronic music pioneer, cyberartist, and author, who has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now a kibbutz in northern Israel where he is Artist-in-Residence.

Dylan Tauber has been producing music, artwork, and writing since he began his prolific 27 year career in 1996 with the ambitious Double Mirrors anthology, which includes a book, photo slide shows, soundtrack, and one of the only artist websites still online since 1996, DoubleMirrors.com. A pioneer of the indie electronic movement, Dylan was also one of the first artists to offer his music for free MP3 download in 1998. The Double Mirrors project evolves years later, as Tauber continues to explore the cyber-spiritual revolution.

In addition to releasing 19 critically acclaimed transcendental electronica music albums (most for free download) through his Son of Waves Studios music label, Dylan runs a network of 27 websites which showcase his electronic music, music videos, a video gallery, cyberart, writing, and photography. This network of websites has reached over 6 million page views since 1996, and millions of video views.

Dylan completed a circle around the planet from 2000-2001, beginning and ending in Israel.

Dylan Tauber is the founder of the Double Mirrors Theory in 1994, and the and the Ones and Zeros Theory in 2000. In 2022, According to the artificial intelligence Open AI - Chat GTP, the Double Mirrors Theory has become an influential theory in the fields of psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience. These theories have each had over 1.5 million video views on Facebook, and are available on Dylan's websites, and also as an ebook on Apple bookstore and as a paperback on Amazon.com.

Dylan also published two books in 2001, two ebooks in 2013, and three more books in 2018 and 2019. A picture book of Dylan's photography and digital art was published in 2005, and revised in 2018 with Blurb.com.

Dylan's music has been featured on over 140 radio stations since 2013, reviewed in approximately 100 music publications, including one print newspaper in Israel, and featured on JerusalemOnline.com on 2/1/21. His music video " He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)" was shown on Channel 98 TV in Israel in December, 2017. This video reached 644,500 views on Facebook as of November, 2020. 11 more Son of Waves Studios music videos were shown on channel 98 TV in Israel, in 2018. As of April, 2024, Dylan's music has had 784,000 plays on Soundcloud.com. Dylan's videos and music videos have had millions of views.

"Son of Waves" : A screenplay / short story by Dylan Tauber, was released on 3/30/18 for free download. An audiobook was released for this "Son of Waves" screenplay on 4/17/18, also for free download. In August, 2018 this screenplay was published as a paperback available on Amazon.com.

"Son of Waves 2.0", a true story, with original photography, of my journey around the planet, and to many Pacific islands...only to find my own soul, and a woman named Carmen, was released on 5/28/19 for free PDF download, and as a paperback on Amazon.com on 3/21/20.
"Theories" by Dylan Tauber, a summary of both his Double Mirror theory and Ones and Zeros theory, was published as an ebook on Smashwords.com on 10/25/19 for free download, and as a paperback on Amazon.com on 11/29/19.

In December 2020, Tauber released his Double Mirrors, and Ones and Zeros Theories on Facebook in video format with music. This Double Mirrors Theory video has had 1.8 million views, and this Ones and Zeros theory video has had 1.5 million views since December, 2020.

On 5/5/21 Dylan was awarded the title of "Artist-in-Residence" in his kibbutz in Northern Israel.

Stay tuned and check back at the SWS Network of sites often.



Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts, Columbia University, 1996.

Studied at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1992- 1993.


Music experience:

  • 19 ambient / electronica / trance albums completed from 1996-2022, beginning with Double Mirrors Soundtrack, in 1996. Most of the 19 albums are available as free MP3 downloads. 15 albums are also available on iTunes and Amazon.com.
  • Produced 38 music videos , all available on SWStudios.net.
  • Featured on over 120 radio stations , including many stations in Israel, including features on Gal Gal Latz on 2/2/20 (one of the most popular national radio stations in Israel), on Radio Kol Rega (A national Israel station, 1/9/17), Social Radio (A national Israel station, 1/18/17), and Radio Kol Ramla (1/22/17).
  • Over 40 international music publication reviews of "Dolphin Trance" and "Dolphin Trance 2" and "Sounds from Space"
  • As of April, 2024, Dylan's music has had 784,000 plays on Soundcloud.com.
  • 11/10/17: Dylan Tauber was Featured in the Yediot Haemaek Israel Newspaper.
  • 11/22/17 "He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)" ranked #1 in the Israel Combo Music chart
  • 12/10/17: Dylan Tauber's music video "He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)" was shown on Channel 98 TV in Israel.
  • 1/17/17: "Compilation 2" featured in the culture section of BestOneOnline.co.il, a popular Israel news web site.
  • 4,706 fans on internet radio site Jango.com, as of 2/13/18.
  • Founder of https://303net.com , an electronic music and indie artist portal featuring 300 member artists, live trance radio, and exclusive downloadable tracks.
  • Built several extensive multimedia / music studios independently.
  • Very familiar with music software and digital audio/video production techniques.
  • Compose and digitally produce original synthesizer music independently.
  • Worked with over 12 singers / vocalists on various albums, "Breathe," (2007) and "Near Death Experience." (2015) "Dolphin Trance 2" (2016), and "Sounds from Space" (2017).
  • "Near Death Experience" album featured in Jamsphere Magazine, 3/12/15.
  • "Into the Light" won #1 on the Beat100.com Audio Chart, 2/27/15
  • "Dolphin Trance" album featured in Jamsphere Magazine, 9/5/15.
  • "Son of Waves 2.0 Trance Remix " won the #3 spot on the Beat100.com Audio Chart on 1/22/16


    Computer/digital art experience:

  • experienced in the construction of multimedia CD ROM environments. (this translated to: I spent a year in Manhattan putting the meaning of Life onto the 650 megabytes of Project Double Mirrors)
  • Digital photography / computer art experience since 1994.
  • Worked with Macintosh since 1987.
  • proficient in:
  • Photoshop, Director 6.0, Shockwave (streaming), Studio Vision Pro 3.2, Premiere 4.2, streaming web based multimedia- (Real Audio, Real Video, Vivo), Bryce 2.0, Extreme 3D, Poser 2.0, etc.
  • completed Photoshop course at Parsons School of Design, 1995
  • completed independent study of Digital MIDI music technique at Columbia University.
  • built an extensive multimedia studio independently- Son of Waves Studios, now based in Jerusalem.
  • familiar with music software and digital audio/video production techniques.
  • compose and digitally record original synthesizer music independently.
  • ready and willing to learn new tools and toys.

    Photography experience:

  • - In 2019, thirteen of Dylan Tauber's photographs were exhibited in eleven galleries internationally: two at the BBA (Berlin Blue Art) Gallery in Berlin, Germany; two at the Ravnikar gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia; two at the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece; the Piazza Ca' Zanardi (Itsliquid) in Venice, Italy; the Photo Synthesis Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria; the Laurent Gallery in Melbourne, Australia; the Art Market Gallery in Budapest, Hungary; the Hinterland Gallery, in Vienna, Austria; the Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain; the International Contemporary Art Fair, in Thessaloniki, Greece; and the annual photography conference in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Picture Book with 80 images from the Double Mirrors gallery published in 2005 with Xlibris.com, and revised in 2018 with Blurb.com.
  • Photography work has been featured in the original DoubleMirrors.com Image Gallery, 1996-2019, and the newer DylanTauber.me/artwork gallery, as well as the photo slide show on SWStudios.net/photo.
  • work featured in Muse Magazine, 1996.
  • Work featured in Columbia Spectator Photo Exhibit, 1994.
  • shown work in 4 group exhibitions at Columbia University, 1993-95
  • proficient in digital imaging- scanning, manipulation, and various output options including IRIS and Dye Sublimation.
  • experienced in darkroom color and black and white photography.
  • won a Hebrew University photography contest for a photograph of a
  • protest by ultra-Orthodox Jews, 1993.
  • worked as a teaching assistant for Basic Photography class, Columbia Univ. 1994.
  • certified PADI scuba diver, and experienced in underwater photography (photographing dolphins).
  • staff photographer for The Columbia Daily Spectator, Fall 1993.
  • contributing photographer for the Jerusalem Post, 1993
  • expressed myself through photography since the age of 5.

    Writing experience:

  • - Published "Son of Waves" A short story / screenplay, in 2018: as an ebook available for free download, on iBookstore, and as a paperback on Amazon.com.
  • - Published two e-books in 2013: "Double Mirrors," and "The Doorway" available on iBookstore.
  • - Published two books in 2001 entitled "Double Mirrors," and "The Doorway" available on Amazon.
  • - associate editor of The Columbia Daily Spectator, summer of 1994.
  • - staff writer for the Columbia Daily Spectator, 1993-1994. Specialized in investigative reporting of the security department with several expose's.
  • - staff writer for The Aizor, the Hebrew University's Overseas Program student newspaper, 1992-1993.
  • - completed a research thesis at Hebrew University on the role of religious organizations in the absorption of the Ethiopian Jews.

    Other work experience:

  • - worked for Virtual Jerusalem as a photographer and multimedia production artist, 1997.
  • - worked as freelance photographer/graphic designer, 1996.
  • - DJ for pirate Columbia student radio station, 1994.
  • - 1 Month training in the Israeli Army- Fall, 1992.
  • - worked on a kibbutz Kfar Hanasi in Israel, summer 1992.

    Other Jedi experience:

  • - trained by Dr. John Weil, a Jedi Master, author of "Early Deprivation of Empathic Care," 1974.
  • - conquered intense fear of water, learned to swim, Camp Grossman, summer 1983.
  • - left home at 13 and was adopted by waves of Lake Michigan, 3288 North Lake Drive, Milwaukee WI.
  • - Discovered the meaning of life. Published this Double Mirror theory on January 1, 2000, on DoubleMirrors.com
  • - Published Ones and Zeroes theory, my second theory, also in 2000.
  • - Conducted a one year vision quest at the age of 18 while living on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem. Introduced myself to The Ethiopian Woman.
  • - Swam with Dolphins 4 consecutive summers. Evolved to Son of Waves. Evolution to BenGalim is currently in progress.
  • - Created a Manhattan CD ROM project of personal Truth. Project Double Mirrors.
  • - Spiritually survived 2 years of bullshit art classes in the building where they Built the Bomb, Columbia University, home of the Manhattan Project.
  • -Founder of the 12 Dolphins and JediNet
  • -Demon Destroyer- helped one man off a nasty drug habit. Slayed several personal demons. Still struggling with others.
  • -saved a young girl from drowning once while swimming in the sea.
  • - established contact with David the Visionary, a Jedi who lives on the beach in Tel Aviv.
  • - Made a homeless man smile.
  • - explained Double Mirror theory and the rest of my vision to a wide variety of curious listeners, NYC, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Eilat.
  • - One time I spoke of these ideas to Mitch, the computer genius and member of 12 Dolphins, all night until, exhausted, I threw up.
  • - Photographed a Pretty Hate Machine.
  • - Submitted a 20 page summary of Double Mirrors to Prof. Leiber at Columbia, with appropriate references to Jedi Bruce Lee. God is great.
  • - Successfully completed 3 consecutive summer photo missions to Israel- '94-'95, '96. Photographed New Jews and Dolphins. Made significant contact with a hot point of cyber activity in Jerusalem, in preparation for establishing cyber-spiritual headquarters here.
  • - Moved to the city of Jerusalem, Jan 1, 1997.
  • - Found The Ethiopian Woman known as Sunitayahu, but ended in disappointment.
  • - Discovered a relatively unpopulated paradise island, in the south western Pacific, 2001.
  • - Made a full circle around the planet, starting, and ending in Jerusalem, 2001.


  • - trying to publish my art, music, and writing on my SWS Network and partner sites.
  • -being wired so that I can put my spiritual energy online.
  • - organizing bands of Jedi for an exponentially building explosion of Truth.
  • - creating synthesizer/ digital music/ kickass Jerusalem techno / trance
  • - scuba diving- PADI certified
  • - swimming - I am known to some on Tel Aviv's beach as BenGalim.
  • - Dolphins - swimming with Dolphins changed my life.
  • - Tae kwon Do- 3 years intensive training, and 1 year of private lessons with Master BK Yun, an 8th degree Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster. Achieved the rank of Blue Belt, and became a member of the Hebrew University Tae Kwon Do team, '92-'93. Stopped shortly afterwards due to a knee problem.
  • -fluent in Hebrew and English
  • - Trying to be Son of Waves, a Full Dolphin Jedi!

    To sum up:

    My personal multimedia project- all my work and most of my life on a CD ROM in the form of over 400 images, 500 pages of writing, and a digital soundtrack- has provided me with the knowledge and ability that I will contribute to the continuation of Life, and the serving of my Creator, from whom all my energy comes:


    glorified through a global network of digitally equipped Dolphin/Jedi.

    May the Force be with you.

    Please do not hesitate to e-mail me regarding my CD ROM/ book Project Double Mirrors, joining JediNet or DolphinNet, or thoughts about the Cyber Spiritual Revolution in general.

    any requests for additions to DoubleMirrors.com?

    currently on deck:

  • - electronic music including Jerusalem techno. DONE
  • - scans of dozens of investigative stories I did for the Spectator. DONE
  • - another try at Double Mirrors Daily.DONE
  • - A mailing list. DONE


    Ideas? E-mail me.

    Welcome to Project Double Mirrors.

    Dylan, Son of Waves

    5/1/97, Jerusalem.


    With God's help I have published my project !

    without God's help I'm nothing.


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